Not That Kind of Demon (Assassin's Alley #1)

Lisa Oliver

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Not That Kind of Demon by Lisa Oliver
Hybrid shifter Cyrus was really happy in his life. He'd seen the dark side of life, and was content to fix cars and small motors in his rural workshop. His animal sides had plenty of space to run around during his down time, and there was a bakery next door to the workshop. A man didn't need much else in life. Until a car stopped in for a quick fix, and Cyrus caught the scent of something he never dreamed he'd find... his fated mate. Shame it wasn't the driver of the car, but then when was life ever easy?

Assassin demon Python was seriously thinking about going back to the Underworld. His job was a good one, and he had clearance for it from the Underworld Office, but even Lord Hades had no idea how much Python missed being with his friends and family. Still, a job was a job, and he had made friends with his fellow assassins quickly enough. But while checking his car, after his PA was late picking him up, Python caught a sniff of the impossible on his leather seats. Maybe the Underworld could wait for a while.

Cyrus and Python were both happy with Fates' choice for them, but other people weren't so pleased. Lord Hades can't work out why Python isn't doing his job, and there's another man who'd do anything to see Cyrus out of Python's life completely. Will they find peace in Assassin's Alley, or does the Fates have a different future in mind for these two?

Not That Kind of Demon is the first book in a new series, although it can be read as a standalone as each new book in the series will focus on a different couple. This story was written with mature readers in mind. Please store your ebooks responsibly.
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