Advanced Chemistry (South Rock High #4)

A.J. Truman

4.33 ·
[?] · 3 ratings · Published: 06 Sep 2023

Advanced Chemistry by A.J. Truman
Today’s experiment: Combine one socially awkward science teacher with two beefy, former students. Mix well.

I love watching chemicals bond, but I avoid the practice myself.

When I’m not teaching, I’m hanging out with my cat and putting together puzzles. I shy away from romantic entanglements because I know firsthand the collateral damage they cause.

Until I bump into Anton and Sebastian: best friends, business partners. and former wrestling superstars at South Rock High who could barely pass my class. Catching up turns into drinking, which turns into dancing, which turns into them practicing wrestling moves on me, sans clothing.

It's clear that the men have a history—and some unresolved feelings between them—but being the piece of meat in their jock sandwich unleashes a wild, confident side in me I can’t ignore.

The other thing I can’t ignore: we’re falling for each other.

With three hearts on the line, I can’t risk destroying their close friendship and burgeoning business, not to mention reliving my own past pain. But is the chemical attraction between us too strong to ignore?

Advanced Chemistry is a teacher/former students, nerd/jock, friends-to-lovers MMM romance filled with humor, heart, and hot guys. Chase, Anton, and Sebastian will put the A-plus in HEA, and like all good students, there’s no cheating. It’s the fourth book in the South Rock High series, which revolves around a found family of nerdy gay high school teachers, but can be read as a standalone.
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