Corruptor's Claim (Twisted Cross Ranch #2)

K. Loraine, Meg Anne

4.67 ·
[?] · 3 ratings · Published: 18 Sep 2023

Corruptor's Claim by K. Loraine, Meg Anne
I’m in love with my brother’s wife.

When River came back, I thought I’d gotten a second chance to make her mine. I had Mama’s ring ready and everything. Until the moment I found out she was already married–to Cross.

On paper, it’s a good thing, especially since the head of the Russian Bratva has her in his sights. The last thing I want is Dominik Volkov to make her a pawn in his twisted game of revenge.

Having our name should be enough, but even if it’s not, River should be safe with three strong protectors ready to die for her.

And Bishop, the mysterious ex Navy SEAL working for us.

Unfortunately River doesn’t trust us. For good reason, we’re not the Southern gentlemen we’re pretending to be. And pretty soon she’ll figure it out.

She owns the ranch thanks to my father, but the deeper she digs into our books, the more of our secrets she reveals. It’s only a matter of time before she runs.

And I can’t lose her again, even if it means letting Cross keep her.

For fans of Yellowstone, USA Today Bestselling Authors K. Loraine & Meg Anne bring you a new dark cowboy mafia why-choose series. Red-hot, gritty, suspenseful, and loaded with angst, Twisted Cross Ranch is the escape you didn’t know you needed. Hang on tight, darlin’, these ain’t your mama’s cowboys.

Please check the authors’ website for a full list of content and trigger warnings.
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