The Unruly (The Wild #4)

K. Webster

4.67 ·
Explicit and plentiful [?] · 3 ratings · Published: 18 Sep 2023

The Unruly by K. Webster
They took everything from us.
Our home. Our family. Our freedom.

We’ve been forced on a trip from hell with people we hate.
With each step we take, we lose hope of ever making our way back home again.
These people have a wicked agenda.
We are their prey.

They’re brutal and cold.
Every person in their group has twisted delusions.
I need for my other brothers to rescue us and release us from our prison.

As time quickly passes, I realize no one is coming for us.
The only way we’ll escape is if we save ourselves.

I’ll have to be smart and calculating.
The timing needs to be just right.

When we make our great escape, I’ll finally be at liberty to explore the feelings I have for my brothers. Love, so pure and innocent, can’t be a bad thing.

Desperate. Starved. Agonizing. Desire.

The way I ache for my siblings doesn’t feel wrong.
I can no longer fight against these forbidden cravings.

We’ll love in secret and hope our parents don’t find out.
Because, if they do discover what we’ve done, it could mean banishment, or worse.

Whatever happens, we’ll figure it out. We’re in this together.
Nothing will keep us apart ever again.

Our love is untamed.
And we are the unruly.
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