Sanctuary for the Alien Warrior (Treasured by the Alien #10)

Honey Phillips

4.50 ·
Explicit open door [?] · 8 ratings · Published: 19 Nov 2023

Sanctuary for the Alien Warrior by Honey Phillips
Can an alien warrior and an orphaned infant provide a new beginning for a lonely woman?

Tired of relentless hours, arrogant clients, and endless demands, Barbara is ready to abandon her career as a corporate attorney for a simpler life. She doesn’t expect that life to involve an alien abduction, an abandoned baby, and an all-too-intriguing alien warrior with a very friendly tail.

Pralec, a Cire warrior from a dying planet, takes a mercenary position with an ambitious merchant house. Disgusted by their greed and cruelty, he does the unthinkable and forsakes his vow. Seeking refuge on a backwater planet, his solitude is disrupted by a fiery human woman and a ragtag group of castaways who desperately need his help.

As Pralec aids Barbara and her companions in their quest to return home, he finds himself increasingly enthralled by the fascinating female and her adopted child. He doesn’t want to let them go, but assisting them raises the specters of his past.

Can Barbara aid Pralec in confronting the consequences of his previous life? And is embracing a new life with a baby and an alien warrior really the change she wants?

Each book in the Treasured by the Alien series can be read as a standalone romance. This sweet and steamy HEA is intended for adults only.
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