The Blackened Blade (The Blackened Blade #1)

Isla Davon

Rated: 4.43 of 5 stars
4.43 · Steam/Spice level: 2 of 5
Behind closed doors [?] · 48 ratings · 424 pages · Published: 08 Dec 2023

The Blackened Blade by Isla Davon
Not many people get a second chance, let alone a second life.I died. Burning in a prison cell I spent years of my life rotting away in.I had been beaten, battered and bruised beyond repair...but not broken.Never broken.By whatever miracle, I’ve been brought back ten years into my past and before I was locked away...But to a different kind of hell…Wensridge Academy. A place filled with only memories of pain and suffering.But this time I’ll break the wheel of misfortune, and with it all the people who caused my suffering and death.This time I’ll have the life I should have always had.*The Blackened Blade is the first in a new paranormal why choose series. It’s full of action, revenge and five dark and damaged love interests that the FMC will not have to choose between. It contains adult themes and bad-language which some readers may find upsetting.*
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