Kiana's Hero (Brotherhood Protectors Hawaii #2)

Elle James

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Kiana's Hero by Elle James
Former Marine Force Recon, Devlin Mulhaney left the military when politics interfered with the mission, and he lost a friend. He quickly realizes that navigating civilian life can prove to be just as dangerous.When her high-class fiancé absconded with all the money she’d worked so hard to accumulate, fashion model, Kiana Williams, left the catwalk in Honolulu and disappeared to Maui to start a new life in a less dangerous field. A call from a former roommate drags her back to search for a missing friend. This time, she’s not going in alone. She hires Brotherhood Protector Dev Mulhaney to ensure her safety and to help her locate her missing friend.“I don’t need a date. I don’t want a relationship. I’m not going to fall in love with you.”Together they navigate a growing attraction in the midst of the dangerous world of high fashion and elite escorts, where money can buy beautiful things or get you killed.
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