Gilded Crown (Midas #2)

Julie Mannino

Rated: 5.00 of 5 stars
5.00 · Steam/Spice level: 3 of 5
Open door [?] · 1 ratings · Published: 03 Feb 2024

Gilded Crown by Julie Mannino
“I’m asking you once again. Help me. Don’t ignore me like the last time when I desperately needed it, and you were the only person I could turn to.”

Jari should have known the snake would slither back and coil around him. Guilted by Aurelius and breaking his word, he returns to the Palace to find things are much worse than he thought.

The fourth item is still a mystery, King Eurig has hidden the crown, and Aurelius’s remaining brothers have grown bolder in their plots against him. Forced to flee with a trail of blood left behind them, their only option left is to beg Wockston for aid.

As the two grow closer despite their differences and past events, certain things could be too hard to bridge. Aurelius’s shadowy past and the weight of Mammon is heavy on him, and while Jari intends to keep his word, saving the Prince from himself might be far harder.

Even if he can, brothers, Kings, and a Duchess will gladly use the Prince with the Golden Touch and tear apart the Kingdom of Nova.

Rated '3/5 - Open door' for steam/spice/heat level.
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