Dealing With Mapinguari and Dogged Engineers (The Sorcerer's Grimoire #2)

Aj Sherwood, Cait Wade

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Dealing With Mapinguari and Dogged Engineers by Aj Sherwood, Cait Wade
As Shakespeare once said, the course of true love never did run smooth.

Since parting with Adrien after their first case, Hugh Quartermain has committed himself to one he wants Adrien. With the months’ long trip to Brazil ahead of them, Hugh should have no problem confessing, right?

The problem is the universe seems determined to thwart Hugh. Between creatures terrorizing his worksite, bothersome Americans, and not having any alone time with Adrien, Hugh’s foiled at every turn. When Hugh does get Adrien one-on-one, his advances always hit the wall Adrien refuses to lower, but the rare flare of desire in Adrien’s gaze motivates him to keep trying.

Come hell or highwater, Hugh will confess to Adrien. He just has to figure out how

Adventures in Brazil, commence!, magical AU, friends to lovers, healthy communication, Hugh’s genius saves the day, confessions in unusual locations, apprentices being awesome, Prince Henry to the rescue, and yes he quite enjoyed that, portals, fights, and shenanigans, oh my!, monsters are always in the most inconvenient locations, romantic getaway in Thailand, oh look relationship development, pesky Americans, romantic getaway, cheeky apprentices, minor home renovations as a romantic gift, Darby is best girl
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