Honey and Starlight (Tales of Ikronia #1)

L.A. Lambert

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Honey and Starlight by L.A. Lambert
Introducing L.A. Lambert’s debut novel, a sweet slow-burn fantasy romance set in the kingdom of Ikronia!
March Cesari is a prim and proper noble who values routine, consistency, and tradition. When he comes of age to begin receiving marriage proposals, he imagines he’ll end up with someone like himself- polite and respectable.
Nero Aracovin, the cocky and carefree Crown Prince of Dragons, is perfectly comfortable with his easygoing life. When the king demands that he show some ambition by courting March, he is less than thrilled with the fussy young man. But with the threat of being shipped off to the royal military if he doesn’t comply, he doesn’t have a choice.
As the two of them attempt to work through their unpleasant history, as well as the external conflicts that seem to want to keep them apart, they are forced to reconsider the lives they thought they wanted for themselves.
Honey and Starlight is a guaranteed HEA 93,000 word novel that features snarky banter, oddball friends, a meddling king, and a mischievous dragon that loves to tease his bonded human pal.
No content warnings but note that while same-sex reproduction does exist in this universe, mpreg is not mentioned and does not occur within this story.
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