Almost Doesn't Count: The Professor & Miss Jones

Nikki Michelle, Krys Janae

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Almost Doesn't Count: The Professor & Miss Jones by Nikki Michelle, Krys Janae
Psychology student Isis Jones- stellar student by day, one of ATL's most enticing dancers by night- is about to watch her meticulously choreographed life pirouette into chaos when the man she's loved for over a year, Louis Thibodeaux, reveals his true colors. Armed with irrefutable proof of his deceit, she confronts him, but the darkness he unleashes will lead to far more than a broken heart. Now, Isis' sharp mind must grapple with a reality she never imagined, rewriting the narrative of her life one twisted truth at a time.Dr. RJ West, haunted by the death of his mother and past betrayals, no longer trusted easily. His groundbreaking research on Black men's mental health has earned him accolades and tenure at West-Clayton State University, yet darkness lurks beneath his academic acclaim. In the city's shadows, he and his brother Lionell dance with danger, consequences a heartbeat away.By day, he challenges his students to question the conventional understanding of abnormality, but beneath the intellectual façade lies a hidden world, cloaked in the shadows of night where he and Lionell battle demons of a different kind. After a late-night incident with potentially drastic consequences, Dr. West succumbs to Lionell's lure for "a little fun." He finds himself at Magic, the hottest adult entertainment club in town, where a familiar face ignites the stage.Fame at Magic comes with its thorns. In the electric atmosphere, tensions crackle for Isis and her crew; Terria. Catissa, and Chanel. The betrayal from Louis was still fresh, leaving her unprepared for the jolt of electricity that shot through her when her eyes locked on the last person she expected to see in Magic's den of temptation-Dr. West. His presence put him front and center stage with a noticeable mask of composure that barely concealed the storm brewing in his eyes. His normally calm demeanor was fractured, a testament to her God-given talent. Lines blur when professional and personal collide in a heady cocktail of danger and desire. What will the consequences be once their paths cross under the pulsating neon lights?**This story was previously on Kindle Vella; however, it is not the same story. It has evolved.**
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