The Petworth Project

Nola Longhurst Sweet

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The Petworth Project by Nola Longhurst Sweet
Based on true events in 1832, the Petworth Project shadows an Earl and a Minister as they artfully maneuver social justice in the tension filled British system. By bring together opposing social classes into a collaborative journey, will their plan save England from a similar fate as the French Revolution? Using their brazen savvy, they appeal to the pocket books of the wealthy. Driven by compassion or atonement for a flamboyant lifestyle is left for the reader to decide. The Petworth Project is one of the more palatable violations of social norms.The plot reveals perspectives stretching the stratus of society. Travel with the poverty-stricken Longhurst clan whose militia background enables them to avoid the deplorable work houses by opting to cross a turbulent sea that leaves indelible scars. Joseph and Sarah Longhurst guide their nine children including their son Charles, who is torn between venturing to a New World and leaving behind the girl he loves.Many more of the impoverished venture on this journey including brothers, Luke and Billy Cooper who are caught up in the revolutionary retaliation of the Swing riots.What will it cost these pioneers as they risk unknown peril for a better life?
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