His Unexpected Omega: MM Omegaverse Friends-to-Lovers

Bright Lee

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His Unexpected Omega: MM Omegaverse Friends-to-Lovers by Bright Lee
My best friend Beau isn’t like other omegas. Sure, he’s small and pretty—but don’t his size fool you. I’ve never met a more fiery, stubborn omega in my life. He knows exactly what he wants and how to get it, and I’m ready to give it to him the minute he gives me a chance.Single alpha Wyatt has been waiting for the day he can confess his feelings for his best friend Beau. The only problem? Beau’s sworn off taking a mate and refuses to entertain the thought of ever taking a bite.When Beau goes into heat suddenly and comes to Wyatt for help, Wyatt jumps at the chance to give Beau anything—and everything—he needs. Even if it means letting his small but fierce omega best friend call the shots.There isn’t anything Wyatt wouldn’t give his best friend—including his bite. Or his baby.All Beau has to do is ask.His Unexpected Omega is a 10k-word shifter omegaverse friends-to-lovers erotica featuring a small but fiery omega who knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid to say it, a service top alpha who is more than happy to get a little risky, dirty talk, and mating bites. Mention of mpreg. HEA guaranteed. For adults only.
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