Ophelia is Missing (Illuminati Dragon Shifter Brides #2)

Brandy Warfield, Hidden Love Books

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Ophelia is Missing by Brandy Warfield, Hidden Love Books
Did Ophelia run away or was she kidnapped by rival dragons?When Amy Shaw’s best friend Ophelia goes missing, Alistair, Ophelia’s father and the patriarch of the white dragons, turns to Amy for help. With little to go on, Amy lands in New York alone. Can she trust Alistair’s motives to help her friend or is she being used as a pawn to trap Ophelia?Amy soon meets Brad, a bartender that she feels an instant attraction to. But can she trust him? And will she find Ophelia and save her before it’s too late?Brad wants Amy, and he doesn’t try to hide it. But Brad certainly has secrets – secrets that could tear him and Amy apart for good. Will he be able to keep Amy or will his past come back to haunt him in the worst possible way?Find out in Ophelia is Missing, book two of the Illuminati Dragon Shifter Brides series by Brandy WARfield.★★★★★ White dragon versus Red dragon. Curses and babies. Amy is sucked into the supernatural world when her boss's daughter disappears.It seems Ophelia is a white dragon and her husband Lex is a red dragon and her father does not like that one bit. Too much animosity between the two dragon clans. Now Amy is in NY trying to find her. She meets Brad and slowly or fast they are drawn to each other. But lies still abound and then Amy is kidnapped. Will Brad find her? What about Ophelia? Fantastic story!!.The Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1777 between two dragon families. They made a pact to rule the world.The families have been in a feud since the slaughter of 1880. The guilt on the hands of the red dragons during that war caused God to banish the red dragons into a dark afterlife. In ancient times, any dragon shifter born to a dragon had the light of God in them, but after this, only dragon shifters born of female white dragons have the light of God. Any child born to a red dragon woman will suffer a dark afterlife, but any child born to a white dragon female will still have an afterlife in paradise. Because of this, the red dragons have continually been kidnapping the white dragon women. Even in present times, white dragon women have to be protected and watched to ensure their safety and the safety of their line. The red dragons are forever lurking and plotting to take them as their brides.This is a short book of about 30K words with a HEA. The story contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
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