Retribution: Rebel Sons MC Book 1

Gracie Williams

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Retribution: Rebel Sons MC Book 1 by Gracie Williams
As Sarah staged her own death and fled to a remote town in Montana, she never expected to run into her bad boy ex, Jake. But as they reconnect, the undeniable attraction between them grows stronger. Little does Sarah know, her abusive husband Michael is hot on her trail, determined to reclaim his property. 

When Michael eventually discovers her location and blossoming romance, he begins ruthlessly stalking Sarah. With an innocent newborn life now in jeopardy, Sarah finds herself trapped in Michael's violent web once again. In a thrilling showdown between a psychopathic husband and a determined boyfriend, Sarah braces for the fight of her life against the obsessive wrath and twisted desires of the man she once called husband.Will she have the strength to face her abuser and finally break free from his control? Will Jake and the Rebel Sons be enough to keep Michael at bay? Or will Sarah's hope for a new beginning be snuffed out by Michals twisted desires, along with anyone who dares try to keep her safe?With nonstop tension and pulse-pounding action, this cat-and-mouse tale will keep readers hooked until its climactic, satisfying end.Fans of domestic thrillers like "Gone Girl" and "The Girl on the Train" will be hooked on this heart-pounding tale of love, danger, and survival. Get your copy of "Retribution" now before the price goes up!
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