Remember Laura

Melba Moon

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Remember Laura by Melba Moon
A Romantasy, with a ghost in the attic, a spell to reunite star-crossed lovers and a journey to the early days of WWI.Can the discovery of a decades-old journal unlock secrets that reunite star-crossed lovers, healing the bond severed by past tragedy? Tasked with getting her grandmother's house repaired and ready for the market, Laura advertises for a handyman. When a young man shows up at the house, she assumes he is there in response to her post.

Drew is scouting out properties for his house flipping business when he pulls up to a house he thought had been abandoned. There he finds a young woman who mistakenly thinks he is a handyman. He is attracted to the woman and doesn't bother correcting her. Instead he agrees to help her make repairs.

Can the ghostly presence in the attic use her magic to bring the star-crossed lovers back together? Will their visits to the past awaken the love from their past. Or will Drew's secret tear them apart?

Remember Laura, a hauntingly beautiful tale of love transcending time as the young lovers discover the story of love lost to the tragedy of war. Romantasy at its best.
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