Stepisode 2: Watching My Step (Stepisodes #2)

Dominic Dunique, Michael Luca

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Stepisode 2: Watching My Step by Dominic Dunique, Michael Luca
I knew I’d done something bad when I had to work so hard to justify it, but having sex with Joe—the man who was about to become my stepbrother—that was something I couldn’t undo.

I called, I sent messages, but I got nothing in return.

Now, his silence was ice in my guts. The hot summer turned even hotter, but I stayed frozen on the inside. I couldn’t melt it on my own. I couldn’t shift it at all. I needed Joe to help me move past what we’d done.

In the months that followed, my insides died slowly until there was nothing left but a shell, an outline of a person.
But just as I got used to the world again, Joe’s father Sean became the spark that set me ablaze.
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