Gazebo: A Novel

Kenneth Vertrees

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Gazebo: A Novel by Kenneth Vertrees
Everyone’s stuck this summer. Laura’s stuck in love with her cello tutor, Sandrine. Sandrine’s stuck in her aimless country sabbatical, far from her husband, her city, her stage. Thirteen-year-old Michael’s stuck in his fascination for his mother’s ex-fiancé, Vincent, a writer. Vincent’s stuck in his intellectual oblivion; every day, he wanders to a gazebo in the woods and sits for hours, scribbling nonsense. All of them are trapped in the past, searching for an escape into the future.

Running through the woods one day, trapped in her lonely routine, Sandrine spies Vincent in the gazebo. She asks around and learns that he’s the uncle of Laura’s cello student, Abby. He’s young, handsome, he would be perfect to take Laura off her hands. Playing matchmaker, she invites both Laura and Vincent to her husband’s upcoming party. Her plan backfires. Not only is Laura’s desire for her enflamed by the passive-aggressive ploy, but Sandrine also acquires an even bigger problem in Vincent. At the party, Vincent is completely smitten by his neighbor’s peculiar wife.

Gazebo tracks the development of Vincent and Sandrine’s relationship as they both struggle against the pull of the past. Sandrine’s past is her marriage. Vincent’s past is his resurgent relationship with his ex-fiancée. Meanwhile, Laura must contend with the implications of Vincent and Sandrine’s relationship. Her rash response to her unrequited love ultimately unites all the conflict of the ensemble into a singular path to resolution.
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