More Than Just Us

Allie Otoski

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[?] · 2 ratings · 364 pages · Published: 16 Mar 2024

More Than Just Us by Allie Otoski
Stella Reynolds has always felt overlooked and unimportant, and at sixteen, she's resigned to believe that's all she'll ever be. That is, until she meets soccer captain Bridger Wells. Selfless, charming, and kind, Bridger moves through the world with an ease she's never known. As the years pass and their love grows, for the first time, Stella feels like she might have something to believe in.

With decisions looming and the future rapidly closing in, Stella faces a struggle she'd rather ignore for the sake of the boy she loves. And when the very thing she's trying to protect him from is what tears them apart--not even Bridger can save Stella from herself.

Three years later, Bridger is at college on the other side of the country and Stella has learned three things: to keep her head down, her heart locked away, and never talk about that night. With anyone.

But when an injury causes Bridger to move back home, the walls she's carefully constructed around her heart threaten to crumble. Forced to confront the past and the pain she caused, she can only hope that this time . . . she'll be strong enough to withstand the weight.
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