Marc - The Gipsy Solitary (Gipsy Love - english #3)

Monica Bellini, Chris J. Burke

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Marc - The Gipsy Solitary by Monica Bellini, Chris J. Burke
Millionaire at nineteen. One of the richest men in the United Kingdom twenty years later. The fact that Marc Smith is also a Gipsy puts him even more in the public eye. Which he hates. He doesn't need anyone to be happy. Especially not a woman.Marc Smith has learned to deal with the journalists who call him a lone wolf. He throws them breadcrumbs, uses their interest in him to help his people. Gipsys are not scum, they are no less valuable than other people. Women too - as long as they are blonde, willing and ready to forget him again after a quick sex session. The one, the dark-haired one whose lies he took at face value, is enough for a lifetime.Until he meets Rosaleen Saunders. An orphan who was only a few hours old when she was left in a basket outside a convent in Belfast. The sight of her hits him like a thunderbolt. Memories come flooding back. He puts his legs under his arms and takes flight. But the past is like chewing gum that sticks to your fingers. It won't come off ...TEXT wanted to see her.Experience Rosaleen with all your senses. Explore them, make their first time together an unforgettable experience.The first time, as if there would be another. The thought should scare him. Make him jump up and run. Away from here, away from her.The term second time was not part of his vocabulary. It didn't even exist. It was absolutely unthinkable.Since time immemorial. Because he had made the biggest mistake of his life back then. One that he would never repeat.He swore to himself - and effortlessly stuck to it for almost fourteen years. Until now.He had to be crazy.
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