Twisted Desire (The Maroni Mafia Series #1)

Poppy Snow

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5.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · 175 pages · Published: 03 Mar 2022

Twisted Desire by Poppy Snow
Marcus Maroni.
He's one of the most dangerous men in all of America.
And I'm going to spy on him.

Sapphire's life as a quiet librarian is turned upside-down when her father's debts are transferred onto her. In order to protect both herself and her sick mom, she must spy on the head of the Maroni family, serving as his maid to collect information.
She knows what he does to those who betray him, but she doesn't have a choice.
Even if the consequences are beyond what she could've imagined.

This book does end on a small cliffhanger, as the story of Marcus and Sapphire continues in the next book of this series (releasing April 2022), where there is a guaranteed HEA.

For readers 18 and up. Contains explicit sexual content.
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