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HEART OF THE WOLF PRINCE: A Novel Jordan Smith by Jordan Smith
His heart is made of stone. My heart is made of glass. All I can do is hope mine doesn't break...********The world of werewolves is harsh. My heart condition made me the weakest member of my pack from the beginning; people called me the Runt, the Invalid. The girl who might pass away at any time. My folks made sure I never forgot it.I'm sent to the royal palace with my two sisters to compete for the love of the Wolf Prince, but my role is as a palace maid rather than to compete with them.Despite my initial disappointment, I accept my fate. The Wolf Prince is a dangerous person and the last person I should be hanging out with because of his vicious reputation and poisonous bite.You can therefore imagine my dismay upon discovering that the Wolf Prince isn't looking at any of the twenty stunning noble girls contending for his affections. No, they're on me, the least eligible female to be queen.The problem is, I'm not sure if he hates me or just wants me. I only know how much I hate him. Certainly, I believe I do.
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