If You Want Me (Toronto Terror #2)

Helena Hunting

Rated: 4.67 of 5 stars
4.67 · Steam/Spice level: 4 of 5
Explicit open door [?] · 9 ratings · 440 pages · Published: 11 Jul 2024

If You Want Me by Helena Hunting
A standalone age-gap, best friend's daughter hockey romance.

If I had known how irrevocably my life was about to change, I would have walked the other way after talking to my coach. I should have taken any other route out of the Toronto Terror head office.
But I didn’t and now – everything is different.

At first I didn’t recognize the woman doing a victory dance down the hall when she thought no one was watching.
Until she turned around.
And that beautiful smile was aimed at me.

There is no woman more off limits.
She’s the team princess.
And my best friend’s daughter.

*This is Hollis Hendrix's standalone novel. If you want to meet Hollis before you read this book, check out If You Hate Me, Rix and Tristan's story.
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