Perfect Timing

Daryl McNeal

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Perfect Timing by Daryl McNeal
Sometimes in life you feel like God has just totally forgotten you or put everything you asked Him on the back burner. While life just seems to be going good for everyone else. Not wanting to be jealous or envious of anyone because as a leader in the Gospel we are supposed to rejoice when everyone else is doing fine. Sadly, even while our heart is continuously being broken. Have you ever noticed how some people always want you to help them through their trials but lack feeling or asking about your pain. In this manuscript you will find the story of how God shows me that He never forgets about those who are in His perfect plan. In essence, this book is to encourage us to never stop believing that God has a perfect time in all our lives, and no matter how long the wait may be.... God is working on our behalf.My prayer is that you will be uplifted and motivated to never give up on God because like me ....I believe your PERFECT TIME IS NOW!!!
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