The Connected Lines: Morgan's Story

Adriana Perez

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The Connected Lines: Morgan's Story by Adriana Perez
The Connected Morgan's StorySEASON As soon as she knew who she was around, all Morgan wanted to do was roll into a ball and not be seen. She wasn't ready to see the one woman that got away. Now that Morgan is besties with Courtney and Courtney is with Hannah, Morgan is feeling just how small the lesbian community is.When Morgan pilot's a routine voyage on Safe Play's million dollar yacht to solidify a spot on the Safe Play payroll, she meets her last clients before summer hits. It seemed simple enough but of course, nothing is ever simple in Morgan's life. When she returns, she's left with her conscience and her character in jeopardy. She's so disgusted with herself, she tries to hide it for as long as she can but of course, she's friends with people that actually care for her. She ends up telling Hannah, the one person she didn't think she cared as much as she did. Now everybody knows and Morgan sinks even further into disgust. Not only did she disappoint the O'Malley's but now her sister's disgusted with her and her best friends.As the days go by Morgan is faced with grown woman choices she wasn't ready to make, even if she's in her forty's. With having to decide on settling down with a woman, creating a family, she also has to figure out when enough is enough with her mother that has been treating her worse than she treats herself. Add, her acting up at work, her sleeping around, her avoiding her high school girlfriend because she's not sure she can just be friends, and her possibly have feelings for her best friends wife, she's lost in the fog and unsure which direction to go.Will Morgan get out of the rut. Will she pick the woman everyone says not to, will she tell her bestie she has feelings for Hannah, will she pick her high school girlfriend? Will somebody else come into her life and finally give her the life raft she's been dying to have so she can stay afloat even if it's temporary. Find out in season three as we navigate with Morgan through the connected lines!!! This is the third season of The Connected Lines. Some of the characters you may know from the series Who Will I Become. It is not imperative you read that series first but it will help understand who those characters are from their own series. At the end of each book are the credits to show you exactly which book each character are from for your convenience!
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