Taming of the Brew (A Supernatural Speakeasy Cozy Mystery #15)

Lily Harper Hart

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Taming of the Brew by Lily Harper Hart
Life in the French Quarter is quiet…which is exactly how Ofeila Archer likes it. She’s making plans for Christmas, trying not to fixate on the fact that her mother is picking up trash as part of her community service, and otherwise just lazing about.
Then life takes a turn, as it so often does in New Orleans, and her mother calls with a problem. It seems she’s found a body.
Ofelia and her fiancé Zach Sully race to Bywater and are shocked to find that Ofelia knew the victim. She went to school with him, and at one time, he was close friends with her brother Felix.
When Ofelia and Sully start digging, they find that the victim was into some shady stuff, including aligning himself with the sort of voodoo queens who don’t have the city’s best interests at heart.
That’s bad enough, but when the victim rises of his own volition in the morgue and lets himself out of the refrigerator, things get downright crazy.
Somebody is keeping a secret…and it’s a big one. Ofelia’s biggest problem is that she doesn’t know who it is. She’s determined to find out, though.
Christmas is close and Ofelia wants a happy holiday. She’s going to have to fight like spell to get it.
Even then, it might not be enough.
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