Seas and Greetings: A Christmas Notch in July Novella (A Christmas Notch #2.5)

Julie Murphy, Sierra Simone

Rated: 2.50 of 5 stars
2.50 · Steam/Spice level: 4 of 5
Explicit open door [?] · 1 ratings · Published: 09 Jul 2024

Seas and Greetings: A Christmas Notch in July Novella by Julie Murphy, Sierra Simone
The Rules:

No roaming off alone.
No secrets.
No bodyguard/client fraternization.
No olives.

This is Krysta Morton’s last job. She’s done with being a bodyguard and is ready for a real nine to five where work stays at work. But when Addison Hayes’s manager offers Krysta a ridiculous amount of money to keep the high-maintenance singer-turned-influencer safe on a cruise, Krysta can’t make herself say no. Not when the money means that she’ll be able to set her grandma up at the nicest senior living community in town. (It has a brand new pickleball court! And a juice bar!)

Addison Hayes is at the top of her game. After a long and healthy career as a B-list celebrity, she’s successfully made the transition to lifestyle brands and her dream of expanding her empire into hotels and cruises is within reach. With her first branded cruise about to disembark, she’s in dire need of hired security while she curates the passenger experience and oversees the debut run of The Lion and the Lamb, her first attempt at producing a musical (and her ode to all things Twilight).

With Krysta’s no-nonsense attitude, Addison is certain her newly hired bodyguard loathes her. Then a steamy shore excursion reveals that Krysta’s icy shell is hiding a simmering hunger. And if this bodyguard isn’t careful, she might start breaking her own rules…
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