Lake of Sorrow (The Curse and the Crown #2)

Lindsay Buroker

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Lake of Sorrow by Lindsay Buroker
All Kaylina ever longed to do was open her own meadery and prove her worth to her family. She didn’t want to develop feelings for the haughty royal ranger, Lord Vlerion, and she definitely didn’t want to be accused of trying to poison the queen.

But a conniving competitor has framed her, and now the Kingdom Guard is hunting her down.

Vlerion wants to help, but a rebel faction has learned that he’s cursed to turn into a deadly beast when his emotions are aroused. They’re blaming numerous murders on him and demanding his death.

Caught in a city far more dangerous and chaotic than she expected, Kaylina must avoid capture while finding evidence to clear her name. If she can’t, she may lose Vlerion—and her own life.
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