Bound to the Wild Fae (Fortune Favors the Fae #3)

Tavia Lark

Rated: 4.00 of 5 stars
4.00 · Steam/Spice level: 3 of 5
Open door [?] · 1 ratings · Published: 13 Jun 2024

Bound to the Wild Fae by Tavia Lark
Hiding from the fae isn’t an option anymore.

Folly is a fortune teller, according to the sign outside his tent. Actually, he’s a nervous wreck and a total fraud. His golden eye might be magical, but Folly doesn’t see the future. He sees the dangerous, beautiful creatures lurking in the shadows between realms. Avoiding the fae keeps Folly safe—

Until a misfired curse binds him to one.

Yarrow is a wild fae. Half fae, half other, and all seductive confidence. He’s on a quest to slay a monster and earn his place in the summer court. An easy task for a warrior like Yarrow.

Not so easy when the monster’s curse tethers him to a terrified human.

Now, Folly and Yarrow can’t leave each other’s proximity without agonizing pain. Folly is desperate to return home, but to break the curse, he has to follow the intimidating Yarrow into a world full of the creatures he’s spent his life hiding from.

And Yarrow’s familiar homeland seems far deadlier when he has a tiny, fascinating human to protect.

Bound to the Wild Fae is a part of the multi-author series Fortune Favors the Fae. From spicy to sweet, zany romps to epic adventures, there’s something for everyone in this mystical series. Discover destiny and true love and follow the coin on its fickle journey to the next world and a new magical adventure.
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