Married to the Alien Cowboy (Cowboy Colony Mail-Order Brides #1)

Ursa Dax

Rated: 4.42 of 5 stars
4.42 · Steam/Spice level: 4 of 5
Explicit open door [?] · 6 ratings · 245 pages · Published: 09 Jul 2024

Married to the Alien Cowboy by Ursa Dax
A quiet alien cowboy, a human woman on the run, and one very messy marriage of convenience. What could possibly go wrong?

In debt and on the run from a crime lord whose nose I may or may not have broken, I take the first ticket off-world that comes my way. It's an all-expenses-paid, one-way trip to an isolated ranching outpost.

The only catch?
I have to marry an alien cowboy.

My plan is simple enough. Shack up with my groom Silar and convince him to keep me during the first month of our marriage. As long as he doesn't decide to send me packing after the thirty-day trial period, I'll be safe.

But maybe my plan isn’t so great after all. Silar talks more to his animals than he does to me, seems perplexed by every wifely duty I try to perform for him, and goes to offensively great lengths to avoid touching me.

Other than his eyes glowing bright white every time he looks at me, I have no idea what's going on in my new husband’s head. Meanwhile, he shows me in subtle, wordless ways just how good a man he can be when he thinks that no one's watching.

Yup. My plan officially sucks. Because now, it's not just my life at risk if Silar sends me away after thirty days…

It’s my stupid human heart.

Welcome to the cowboy colony planet, where men outnumber women ten to one and cattle outnumber them all...
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