Love after Love: The best rebound romance books

Last updated: Mar 6th, 2020 · written by Victoria Cabot

September was a difficult month for me on the relationship front. I was dating a guy - lets call him SummerFun - and around the beginning of the month I was harboring hopes that since we made it from May till then, that SummerFun would stay on for the holidays. The last thing I want to do is go stag to Christmas parties or holiday events, and it’s always a great thing to have man-candy on your arm for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Makes the season more merry, I always thought. But SummerFun ended up being just that - summer fun. And as August ended, we drifted apart and he decided it was time to move on. Specifically, to move to Vancouver and leave New York. So I sad, because not only was a great guy moving out of my life, but I was potentially going to be bereft of someone to carry my bags during Christmas shopping. Oh yeah, and cock. I was going to miss out on that too during the holidays. Because of that, I’ve ended up reading a lot of rebound romances because they always get me out of a post-relationship funk. It resets things and gets me all ready to smile at the next guy. It also gets me to put down the ice cream and say hello to the treadmill. And a marvelous thing happened as I began to compile this list of the Top 10 Rebound Romance Books On My Kindle. Few disclaimers before we get started for sake of full transparency. I know some of the authors on the list below. I won’t say which ones to keep it unbiased. Also, I know so many authors that I’d be left reviewing religious Zoroastrian texts if I removed all works from people I know from my Kindle...

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