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Love after Love: The best rebound romance books

Sep 29th, 2016

by Victoria Cabot

  • #9   Bad Boy Rebound - Julia Templeton

    I honestly don't know why this isn’t on Kindle Unlimited. If it were, it would probably make so much money. This is the first rebound romance book I read that I felt was worthy of this list. It just barely makes the list because while it’s a fun read, it kind of just stopped for me. Although, it made me read other books, so I guess it’s sort of like the impetus.

    When her long-time fiancé trades twenty-six-year-old Amanda Hathaway in for his boss’s teenage daughter, she decides it's time to make some changes. She packs up her Arizona apartment and heads home to Maple Creek, Washington, where she plans to live a quiet existence sans a man—until the town bad boy Braxton Mitchell walks back into her life. Brax, her younger brother's best friend, was just a gangly boy when Amanda left home. Now, the twenty-two-year-old is a sexy-as-sin contractor whose smile alone sends lustful thoughts racing through her body, making Amanda revise her plan about no more men in her life, or at least, in her bed. more

  • #8   The Weekend Girlfriend - Emily Walters

    This is a fun, short read. It’s a novella and will take you at most an hour or two to read cover to cover. Good like an appetizer before a main course.

    Jessica has worked hard to be the paralegal that hotshot, sexy attorney Kyle needs. Unfortunately he doesn’t see her as just his paralegal but also his own personal assistant. When he blames her for a mix-up in his personal life, Jessica sees no other option but to quit, thinking that her time with him is over. Much to her surprise, Kyle makes a proposition to her that she never thought she would hear coming from his lips. He needs a temporary girlfriend for his sister’s wedding and he wants her to be that person. Jessica accepts the challenge and finds herself thrown into his world, learning things about him she never knew. The more time she spends with him outside of work, the more she is drawn to Kyle. more

  • #7   Rebound - Noelle August

    Yes, this is a second book in a 2 book series but you really can’t tell because these are characters that weren’t really developed during the first series. It’s basically standalone, and if you like fun and something to escape out of your relationship problems after you’ve worked through novellas, then this is a good place to start. Quick and easy read.

    Adam Blackwood has it all. At twenty-two, he’s fabulously wealthy, Ryan Gosling-hot and at the top of the heap in the business world. His life is perfect, until a scandal from his past resurfaces and knocks the tech wunderkind down, throwing his company, Boomerang, a hook-up site for millennials, into chaos. Three years ago, Adam married his high school love—and then lost her in a tragic accident. Now, the heartbreak and guilt he’s tried to bury with work and women begins to take over his life.
    Alison Quick, the twenty-one-year-old daughter of a business tycoon—and the very ex-girlfriend of Boomerang’s former intern, Ethan—has a problem of her own. She’s got one chance to prove to her father that she deserves a place in his empire by grabbing control of Boomerang and taking Adam down. But as Alison moves in on him, armed with a cadre of lawyers and accountants, she discovers there’s much more to Adam and Boomerang than meets the eye. more

  • #6   The Stolen Bride - Olivia West

    Another shorter form work and reading more like a romantic comedy. But it’s starting to get into the true rebound story arc of loss, followed by rebirth, and then rejection of the asshole because, well, girls are awesome. We’re starting to smile a bit now in real life.

    Lindsey Thomas is at the top of her game. With a successful career, fabulous friends and Patrick Crawford, her wonderful fiancé, her life is just where she wants it. That is, until Patrick dumps her the night of their engagement party. Brokenhearted, Lindsey heads to her best friend Kate’s family beach house to heal, as it is temporarily vacant and she hopes some alone time at the beach will help her feel better. But when Kate’s brother, novelist Harris Welling, shows up unexpectedly, things get complicated. more

  • #5   Big Love in a Small Town (Contemporary Romance) - Kate Goldman

    This is a very, very, sweet romance. If you’ve read any of the Rebound list and made your way to #7, by now you’re ready for a bit of sweet with your spice and Kate Goldman totally delivers it. It’s the kind that makes you believe in love again - even after you discover that your boyfriend hacked your Netflix account and changed your profile to only show you action movies. You know this is just a tunnel you need to get out of. Also, it totally made me want to go to a small town to write.

    Tessa Jacobson, an aspiring writer from a small Southern town, is heartbroken when her boyfriend ends their relationship and moves to Nashville with his band and a beautiful vocalist. Three weeks later, Tessa meets Nate Wilder, a Hollywood star, at a restaurant where she waits tables on weekends, and he doesn’t hide his immediate attraction to her. Despite still being heartbroken, Tessa feels a spark and they begin secretly seeing each other. more

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  • #4   Zach's Rebound Girl (Sizzling Romantic Comedy) - Monique DeVere

    Okay, now we’re getting into the real healing. And this book has it all. Slightly different take for me in that Zach’s the one going through a rebound for Maddie, who's been pining after Zach ever since their University days. It was in the UK and I totally followed along the dialog with an English accent in my head. I wonder if thats what the British to with Americans? And talk about hot. It was perfect to read as I relaxed by myself on vacation after my breakup. Taught me all over again that I could have fun on my own and I smiled as I realized I was laughing out loud as I read this.

    Television property renovator Maddison de la Botella is popular, adored, and on the brink of snagging the opportunity to restore her ancestral home--if a ruthless developer doesn’t tear it down first! Her life has suddenly gone from smooth to bumpy, and it all starts the night she discovers her new neighbour ogling her in her hot tub is none other than Zachary Canady! Her once-upon-a-time best friend and heartbreaker. He’s still way too gorgeous, still makes her heart flip--and still sees her as just a friend. more

  • #3   Curvy Seduction: Rebound - Aidy Award

    Oh, my. This book was steamy. Spoiler alert. This ends up with a really hot, immersive MMF scene. And I loved it. Every. Single. Minute. It also helped that the girl was a curvy, big girl. And what girl doesn't feel a little insecure in her appearance after a breakup. The thing is, this book is the start to a deliciously dirty series. It helped me move from the stage where you try to remember what an orgasm feels like to the “Oh My God, I’m So Wet” stage with ease.

    Angelina is tired of being the chubby doormat of a rich girl. She's thrown out her no-good, cheating bastard of a fiance and now she's ready to rebound...with some revenge sex. What better way than to go out on the town with her friend and secret crush, aka her bodyguard. But, he's made it clear they are nothing more than friends. Gray has been Angelina's bodyguard for years and in love with her for every second. When she finally kicks her stupid fiance to the curb he's got a chance to help her be the beautiful, strong, passionate woman he always knew she was. more

  • #2   Hard Core - Tess Oliver

    Now I’m ready for a really steamy, sexy romance read that has multiple plot twists. Hell, I can even take the guy in the story being slightly misdirected in how he shows his love, which is exactly what Ledger does. It starts making for a more delicious romance novel and starts getting you into the mood. Oh, and the scenes. They’re up there - maybe no MMF, but Ledger and Jacy are so hot together. Get a warm bubble bath, fire up the Kindle, get a glass of wine, give yourself two orgasms, and wonder who really needs real life men anyways?

    Sometimes one good dose of trouble could turn your life around, put you on the right path. But I'd taken the opposite side of the forked road and headed off looking for even more trouble, like a junkie constantly searching for the next high. Never would I have guessed that turn would lead me to her. I couldn't stop thinking about her. She was an angel, a hard core, bone-fide angel and in her short life, she'd already had a taste of hell. more

  • #1   The Ladies Room - Carolyn Brown

    And then there is this gem of a book. Wow. I’ll be honest. I was a bit hesitant after the orgasm-a-chapter that #3 and #2 turned me into, for the sole fact that the steamiest thing in this book was a kiss. But guess what? Somehow, I must have worked myself ragged, or more likely the story was really that good. There is an awful lot of work done by Trudy and Billy Lee Tucker. You totally feel like you’re right there with them, working or eating the delicious food they’re indulging in, or enjoying the amazing locales they go to. Also, can I just be honest and say how much I completely loved the fact that the Trudy just took Drew’s cheating and shrugged and moved on with her life, completely cutting him out - and said fuck you to anyone (like her cousins) who decided to look down on her. And when her leaving basically destroyed that asshole, Drew’s, life, she had zero sympathy for him. Which is exactly how I like it. Great for completing the rebound arc - seeing Drew’s life implode without Trudy. Bravo. Go Female!

    Secrets told in the church ladies' room are supposed to stay in the ladies' room. But that doesn't mean that what Trudy overhears there during her great-aunt Gertrude's funeral won't change the rest of her life.
    Trudy has a daughter in the middle of a major rebellion; a two-timing husband who has been cheating for their entire married life; and a mother with Alzheimer's residing in the local nursing home. She doesn't really need a crumbling old house about to fall into nothing but a pile of memories and broken knickknacks.
    Billy Lee Tucker, resident oddball in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, lived next door to Gert, and in her will she leaves him the funds to help Trudy remodel the old house. That's fine with Billy Lee, because he's been in love with Trudy since before they started school. more

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