A list of the best erotica books: Full steam ahead

Last updated: Mar 6th, 2020 · written by Victoria Cabot

Ooh yummy! The seedy, dirty, filthy, underbelly to romance. When the lights go dark, and the Happily Ever After is still 14 chapters away, what gets you through the night? A 5,000 word short and to the point book that gets the business done. So before I go into the first of many lists on erotica, I’m going to do my normal bit and give some disclaimers, as well as some background.

There is actually two separate categories on Amazon as well as major book sellers when talking about romance and/or erotica. There is straight up erotica. And then there’s romance. Just like there are subcategories in Romance such as Sweet, Clean Christian Romance and Bad Boy Contemporary Romance, you’ll find subcategories in Erotica. These categories are vast and layered - from Fantasy, which could be anything involving a vampire, orc, elf, or fairy tale characters to Billionaire or other conventional categories. What we’re not going to discuss on today’s list - maybe we will at a later date - are some of the more esoteric niches that one finds in erotica. I’m talking about some crazy kinks that people read, and that you can find on Amazon. Kinks like hucow, gender swap, and tentacles. In general, if there is a Romance category niche for it, then its fair game for my erotica lists.

Now, the next bit that’s hard to admit, but true. Basically, my books have a lot of sex in them. Like the latest one is drenched in so much sex that I kept getting distracted. And so did my ARC readers. But where did I learn all that? Erotica. Some may even say I am an erotica writer. I prefer the term romance or if we want to quibble, romantica. You could also say smut. But when you think of an erotica short story, basically think of those steamy scenes in the romance novel. Take just the scene, make the sex the focus, and stick to 5,000 to 8,000 words and you have an erotica short. Simple. To the point. Dirty.

However, not all erotica is a short story and that’s what we’re covering today where I’m listing 10 books classified in erotica that I consider to be very good. I don't know any of the authors below as I don’t interact with them the same way I do with Isabella Starling or Willow Winters and other romance authors. You could say I’m a bit biased in favor of romance over erotica so the books below have more story and that makes the steamy scenes more interesting - but they’re still down to business really fast. They don't care about the HEA even though they provide it, and their goal is to help you reach yours - and we both know what that is, right? Elements from them have shown up in my work when I write and I actually go back and re-read them, which I never thought I’d do for a dirty book. But some of the scenes are timeless. I’m also crossing niches here, because at least for this article, I want to do a broad scope of the field for readers.

So, without further ado, ten great books to start your journey into erotica (listed in no particular order):

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