The Best Bad Boys of Sports

Last updated: Mar 6th, 2020 · written by Victoria Cabot

So this was a big week for me. I just crossed some milestones in terms of my sales and the type of work that I produce. I really had fun putting my latest project together, and along the way I got a whole lot research done for a new list.
But before you ask, no, I am not going to tell you what my new release was. ;)
That’s the one thing I promised you as the reader that I wouldn’t do in my columns. I try to take as objective a view as possible to give you guys the best feedback that I have on what’s out there in romance.
So this week, I dove into sports. Namely football. But, as many of you already know, there is a wide world of sports romance books out there. There’s even a Romance and Smut list with some very good sports romances. Those are very good indeed, and I have read many of them. But the list I’m putting together features bad boys in sports.
Usual disclaimers - I know some of these authors from just being an author and the list itself is in no particular order.
Oh, and in the future, we’ll go through some of the different sports in more detail. For now, let’s dive into the world of the jock, his hard pack of abs, and giant…helmets.

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