The Best Bad Boys of Sports

Written by Silke, updated 08 Jun 2021

So this was a big week for me. I just crossed some milestones in terms of my sales and the type of work that I produce. I really had fun putting my latest project together, and along the way I got a whole lot research done for a new list.
But before you ask, no, I am not going to tell you what my new release was. ;)
That’s the one thing I promised you as the reader that I wouldn’t do in my columns. I try to take as objective a view as possible to give you guys the best feedback that I have on what’s out there in romance.
So this week, I dove into sports. Namely football. But, as many of you already know, there is a wide world of sports romance books out there. There’s even a Romance and Smut list with some very good sports romances. Those are very good indeed, and I have read many of them. But the list I’m putting together features bad boys in sports.
Usual disclaimers - I know some of these authors from just being an author and the list itself is in no particular order.
Oh, and in the future, we’ll go through some of the different sports in more detail. For now, let’s dive into the world of the jock, his hard pack of abs, and giant…helmets.

  • #1 Bucked - Jess Bentley

    Bucked - Jess Bentley

    sports new adult western contemporary cowboys

    I have to admit, this was my first foray into cowboy romance. And OMG. If this is what cowboys are like, then give me a hat and show me what (or who) I’m going to be riding. First of all, Kanen is just a sexy name. Second of all, this book almost has a moral message that goes through all the steamy scenes. And third of all, you really do get caught up and want the characters to have a HEA. Which when they do, you’re left feeling really happy. Amazing work, Jess... more

  • #2 Between The Tackles - Roxy Sinclaire

    Between The Tackles - Roxy Sinclaire

    sports funny new adult bad boys athletes

    Okay, so Roxy is a very imaginative writer. I absolutely love her stuff that she’s put out in the past and this one is no exception. The whole concept of a university jock dating a geek is this amazing twist on the nerdy guy getting the hot cheerleader, and I loved it! The best part - I so related to April. I used to be just like her so I completely got into character. It’s like Roxy got into my head and then wrote about me (sort of) while I was at University... more

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  • #3 Out of Bounds - Juliana Conners

    Out of Bounds - Juliana Conners

    sports funny new adult contemporary athletes

    I’ve featured this one before on another list, but it’s sports and it makes the cut. This was one of my books that I loved in September and it’s still good. Wesley is hot. There is nothing more to say about that. The writing also had me laughing out loud in a lot of places because Julianna is just a funny person to read. Entertaining even in the steamy scenes. Like you get hot with a grin, if you get what I mean... more

  • #4 Big Jock - Abbi Hemp

    Big Jock - Abbi Hemp

    athletes new adult contemporary bad boys sports

    Andrea wants to ruin Tony. She falls for him instead. Sound familiar? Well throw in Tony’s very large…ego, and some hijinks on Andrea’s part that I’m not going to mention here for spoilers and what do you have? A great way to escape your life for a small amount of time. Seriously, the way the story was written was great, but the best descriptions were about Tony’s giant, uhmm…muscles. Reading Tony got me to the point where all I wanted was more. And then even more. Oh God, more! And before I knew it, I came - to the end of the book... more

  • #5 Heartless - Winter Renshaw

    Heartless - Winter Renshaw

    athletes contemporary new adult sports bad boys

    This made the August Steamy scene roundup and it’s still a good read two months later. Ace is amazing and Aidy again reminds me so much of myself. Their chemistry is so heartwarming. It takes a different angle to the sports romance - showing very little of the game itself, but still entirely in the world of professional athletes and their lives after the game. By the time Ace and Aidy get to the point where they get together, I am so happy for them. And the time they are together is so cute. I seriously use that part of the book as inspiration for everything I write myself... more

  • #6 Halo Violation - Daphne Swan

    Halo Violation - Daphne Swan

    sports funny new adult contemporary athletes

    Secret baby! I love secret babies! As long as it’s not mine, but someone else’s! Well that’s what I thought. Seriously, can you imagine crushing after some guy for 6 years like Molly does for Eric and then getting one fabulous, naughty night where you let loose and do all the dirty things you’ve imagined? And then maybe a few more? Until you have a souvenir? Well, this book has it all. And by the time I got to the end, I changed my mind and so wanted to be Molly... more

  • #7 Bring The Heat - K.B. Winters

    Bring The Heat - K.B. Winters

    athletes contemporary sports bad boys

    Cody is your typical bad boy alpha male. He’s a pitcher for the Oklahoma City Warriors and he’s living large off the things his talent affords him. Chelsea is a cute girl that’s got some sass to her. But wait, there’s a twist to this tale. There are actually some really horrible secrets in Cody’s closet. He didn’t care about them before, because you know, he was being your typical romance bad boy, but when he falls for Chelsea, the way he redeems himself will win over your soul... more

  • #8 Stadium of Lights - Tia Lewis

    Stadium of Lights - Tia Lewis

    athletes contemporary friends to lovers second chances sports

    Amazingly written to the point where this was the inspiration for a book that I recently wrote. I’m not going to tell you which one, but let’s just say the whole guy who has no idea the girl is in love with him from childhood but rediscovers her later on trope is done masterfully by Tia. The best I can do is a pale imitation of the chemistry she works out between Max and Abby. Also love the part where Abby is a physical therapist and doesn't need rescuing... more

  • #9 Fourth Down and Dirty - Kristen Flowers

    Fourth Down and Dirty - Kristen Flowers

    athletes funny new adult contemporary bad boys

    Rich, arrogant, handsome - what’s not to like in a bad boy? Well, apparently he doesn’t study too hard. Thus enters Ivy and they go on a wild ride. And when I mean wild, I mean, hold on to your Kindle because it’s about to burn up. I read this and at times I wondered why my Kindle just hadn’t caught on fire. I mean, I was. By the time I calmed down, Landon has been tamed by the shy bookworm. Another must read in the University football niche of sports romance... more

  • #10 Enforcer - Savannah May

    Enforcer - Savannah May

    sports multicultural athletes bad boys contemporary

    So I picked this up because I was a little interested in the sport being discussed - which was hockey. And unlike the rest, the Stanley Cup has already been won, and its only after that Tomasz meets Marcie at a bar. We get down to the hot scene right off the top - towards the very beginning. But if you think based on what Tomasz says about himself that the story is over, you’re mistaken. The reader gets strapped on a for a really enjoyable ride that drops them off at an HEA that makes it all worth it. I love how Savannah writes and this was no exception... more

  • #11 No Boundaries - Violet Paige

    No Boundaries - Violet Paige

    sports contemporary athletes bad boys

    This one is a little naughty and I love it. Julia is the good girl. But she’s also the school teacher. Hawk, who’s real name is Kane is the bad boy quarterback. Just that combination alone has me squirming in my seat as I write this. The concept was good. Worth a read just for the premise alone.

    So I guess I really like sports, because there were supposed to be 10 in here, but I added one. Just remember, this is only very new releases - and these are all bad boys of the sports world, so this list could change again as time flies... more

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