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Election Special: Some fun romance books featuring politicians (as heroes)

Oct 27th, 2016

by Victoria Cabot

  • #1   Politically Incorrect - Jeanne McDonald

    So first off, I’m a bit disappointed that this book is not on Kindle Unlimited, which means people who rely on the subscription service that Amazon provides will not be able to read this for free. But it does mean that if you read a Nook, or whatever else is out there, that you can get it from that service as well. The price is a bit high as well – at $3.99. But you’re basically paying for quality. And that quality shines through in the characters. Elizabeth, the female protagonist, is the kind of strong alpha female that I like to write about. I love women who are independent and Elizabeth fits that bill. I also love the older woman and younger man situation as well. With the way that the characters and their relationship are built, by the time they get to the sexy time – this book had me rocking my vote for sure! more

  • #2   Beautiful Disaster - Natasha Wessex

    This was a very nice, quick, amazing read. I loved how Alex and Roslyn are the flipped opposites of what you normally find in a contemporary romance. It’s the girl that needs taming to an extent because she’s having this amazing wild and crazy lifestyle. It’s everything that I wish I could do and the way Natasha writes these characters totally allows me to step into Roslyn’s shoes. Alex Sinclair is the boyfriend you want to introduce your parents to. Even though it came out about a month ago, I’ve read it twice. more

  • #3   The Kingmaker - Selena Laurence

    Wow. That’s the only word I can use to describe it. Filled with juicy scandal through and through this reminds me so much of House of Cards that I read through it in one night with complete ease. The whole concept of the power brokers and the behind the scenes machinations is intense. You end up getting sucked into the world of political deal making so much. Add in the overt sexuality that runs rampant through this book and you might want to read this before laundry day, if you get what I mean ;) In all seriousness though, I loved the complex interplay of the characters here and actually used some of the themes as inspiration for my political romance work as well. more

  • #4   Fixer - Samantha Westlake

    It wouldn’t be a Victoria Cabot list without some bad boy action and Fixer by Samantha Westlake provides just that for this list. But going into it, it’s not wall to wall sexual content that some bad boy romances are – rather it’s actually like a sexy version of the West Wing. Which is hot. Before you know it, you get caught up in the banter between Tanner and Alicia as they navigate the political cross currents. It’s not going to provide you a complete civics lesson, but it’s going to be a far sight sexier lesson in politics than my high school Government class. more

  • #5   Prime Minister - Ainsley Booth, Sadie Haller

    So at first I was a little hesitant about putting another non-Kindle Unlimited book on this list but Prime Minister is actually a deliciously wicked read. It draws you in and you can’t help but make comparisons to a sexy certain Prime Minister in Canada. I’m not mentioning any names but let’s just say that I tuned in a lot more to Canadian news broadcasts for a while after reading this book. And Gavin – what a perfect name for a Prime Minister. And the stuff that he’s into? Take Christian Grey from 50 Shades and a hot, sexy Canadian Prime Minister and all of a sudden I am so jealous of Ellie. Totally makes me want to be an intern for a politician all over again – and I thought I was over my Monica Lewinsky phase in college.

    So therein are 5 political romances that should get you into the niche if you haven’t tried it yet. Like I said before, there aren’t a lot of these out there – when you compare it to say, dragons or vampires – but Senators, Presidents, and Prime Ministers need to get their freak on too. The powerful men (and women) in these book absolutely the phrase that Henry Kissinger once uttered to Mao Zedong when he said, “Power is the greatest aphrodisiac”. Except none of these main characters remotely resemble Henry Kissinger physically. In fact, the characters in the above books are described so well that I don't care if they have give up the nuclear launch codes as long as they keep their finger on my button.

    Until next week dear readers, this is your Mistress of Lists signing off. And don't forget to vote! more

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Choose from over 100 tropes and themes