Election Special: Some fun romance books featuring politicians (as heroes)

Last updated: Mar 6th, 2020 · written by Victoria Cabot

So Election Day in America is coming up shortly – and I figured I should get a list out for political romance as quickly as I can. Because, depending on who you listen to on the streets of America nowadays, voting for the other candidate is going to mean that 8 years from now we’re all going to be living in caves eating rats. The world will be a post-apocalyptic nightmare and no one will have Kindle’s anymore so they won't get a chance to check out these books.

I haven’t found as many political romances in my time as say, bad boy romances – but this niche does indeed exist and I have read quite a few. I even wrote one – President Stepbrother…With Benefits. I know – I say I don’t promote my books in my lists, but this book is so old that it makes Bernie Sanders seem spry.

Few other things to mention. When it comes down to rooting for romance book politicians my political affiliations run towards whoever has the biggest... well. And if they’re cute, they can grab me by the pussy any day of the week. I’ll be a nasty woman for them. I’ll delete whatever emails they want me to. Unless they have small hands. That’s just a deal breaker. Sorry.

By the way I never thought I’d be able to use elements from the election in an article about smut. It’s like I’m the more respectable one nowadays.

Before I get sidetracked, here now are 5 political romances in no particular order that’ll make you want to stuff your…uhmm…ballot box.

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