22 all time favourite reverse harem romance books

Last updated: Jun 8th, 2020

Reverse harem romance books have become insanely popular in the last few years. Why? Probably because reading about a lady living the polyamorous dream with not only 2 men but rather f+mmmmmm seems way less exhausting than actually living it. But maybe we are just thinking about it the wrong way...

Anyways, reverse harem novels are, as the name implies, all about one lady presiding graciously over a gaggle of men who are crazy about their lady but not crazily jealous about each other. Often firmly entrenched in the erotic romance genre, reverse harem novels will give you plenty of sexual fantasy material, but of course also loads and loads of sweet sweet romance. After all, the more the merrier and love has no limits and only multiplies and all that.

We have compiled the best reverse harem books for your reading pleasure.

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