New contemporary romance books you will enjoy tremendously

Last updated: May 12th, 2020

Hunkering down but trying to not let anxiety rule is difficult for me. But putting together some of the best contemporary romance books of the past few months has been a blast. I hope you enjoy this list for what it is: an invitation to block out the news for a bit in order to get lost in the fantasy of some great romances.

And let me tell you, we have round up a few real gems spanning a wide variety of genres:

From dark mafia romance books to a sweet friends-to-lovers story. There are couples in the first throes of passion, re-united lovers and even one married couple. If you are in the mood for some office romance to get away of the reality of endless zoom calls, check out 'Inappropriate' further down below. And if you want some pure sizzling hot escapism, why not take a look at 'My Maddie'.

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