The best romance books of 2020 - so far

Last updated: Dec 22nd, 2020

What a strange year 2020 turns out to be. Every country is still very much in the grip of the pandemic, a disaster scenario I only knew from the TV until now. And what I saw on the telly is so very much different to what living through it actually feels like. After all, movies tend to concentrate on the action, this is where heroes are made. And yet, most of us are asked to do our part by doing the exact opposite, by staying stay home and siting tight. There are some, of course, who very much would like to have that privilege, but instead are called to their jobs to keep people safe and the society running.

It feels weird to recommend books during this time, when there are much more important things to be discussed instead. Yet at the same, I see people flocking to the site, searching for an emotional pick-me-up. And of course, romance books are a lovely way to get some distraction for a little while. So let me try and do just that: to present you some of the loveliest, funniest, heartwarming or plainly steamiest romance books that have been released in 2020.

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