OwnVoices: New romance books by BIPOC authors

Last updated: June 21, 2021

Love stories by Black, Indigenous, and people of color authors. Featuring new releases by Milly Taiden, Mika Jolie, B. Love, Liana De la Rosa, Ines Johnson, Peyton Banks, Sheryl Lister, Lashell Collins, Meka James, Jamila Jasper among others.

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  • Claim to Flame by Milly Taiden

    Claim to Flame by Milly Taiden

    Ashley has it all. But all she really wants is to be valued as a strong, powerful business woman. The problem is, her board of directors is full of crotchety old men that hate the idea of a single woman being their CEO. With the suggestion- forceful assistance -of her mother, she gets in touch with Gerri Wilder who’s supposed to fix her personal life. Good luck with that one...
  • Alpha Boy   by Mika Jolie

    Alpha Boy by Mika Jolie

    My “to-do” list just fell into the hands of the man I hate the most. As if it isn’t hard enough trying to finish college.Now I have my tormentor offering to help me complete my goals.Including losing my V-card.Talk about embarrassing.All he asks in return is that I tutor him so he can keep playing hockey.Easy enough.I can keep feelings out this deal...
  • Tampering with Temptation   by B. Love

    Tampering with Temptation by B. Love

    When Ali returns to Memphis after a year, the last thing he expects is to experience romantic feelings for his best friend, Westley. Since the age of twelve, she’s been more like a sister to him than anything. But when he begins to get to know the new her… Ali starts to see her in more tempting ways...
  • To Tempt a Scandalous Lord by Liana De la Rosa

    To Tempt a Scandalous Lord by Liana De la Rosa

    Alicia Lindsay, the dowager Countess Lindsay, has spent her life under the dominion of men— leered at yes, but ultimately silenced and cast aside. But widowhood has granted her the freedom to voice her critiques against injustices in articles that have enraptured the nation...
  • Sacred Rites by Ines Johnson

    Sacred Rites by Ines Johnson

    What starts as a battle of wills soon turns carnal when an activist and a highborn young lady strike up an indecent proposal.In a matriarchal society where men are second class citizens, I’ve found my purpose advocating to increase my gender’s rights...
  • Dirty Trust by Peyton Banks

    Dirty Trust by Peyton Banks

    There was no forgetting the past. Mistakes were made, but now he’s ready to right his wrong.Iker Baldwin was used to making hard decisions in his line of work. For the SWAT team, it could be a matter of life or death. As a seasoned officer, protecting and serving was what he did. So when he had to decide what to do in his personal life, he chose to protect...
  • Love's Sweet Surrender by Sheryl Lister

    Love's Sweet Surrender by Sheryl Lister

    The moment divorcée Maxine Richardson crosses paths with Christian Davis, sparks fly in more ways than one. She's stunned by the intense attraction between her and the aggravating man, and is determined to fight it, even if he is fine as wine. However, beneath his gruff exterior is a man whose kiss awakens Max's deepest desires and entices her with a passion she can't resist...
  • Curses & Vows: A Psychic Detective Romantic Mystery by Lashell Collins

    Curses & Vows: A Psychic Detective Romantic Mystery by Lashell Collins

    Detective Isaac Taylor doesn't believe in curses, but that's exactly where his latest homicide case leads him. A deadly shooting spree with ties to a curse that goes back generations. A case that Ike is desperate to solve before he leaves on his honeymoon.For Sidney Fairchild, the word curse sounds just about right. One lost wedding gown and a floating cake disaster have her on edge...
  • Heat Of Love by Meka James

    Heat Of Love by Meka James

    A fire claims her bakery, but the young special investigator sent to determine the cause just might scorch through the barriers around her heart… Regina Parker has four loves: her family, friends, business, and her community. A serious relationship hasn’t been on her radar since she became a widow. Life is exactly how she wants until it all goes up in smoke. Literally...
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  • Undesirable: Enemies to Lovers Romance by Jamila Jasper

    Undesirable: Enemies to Lovers Romance by Jamila Jasper

    Ben Fox, the Academy bully, isn't the most twisted person in Liberty's life... Back in America for summer vacation, she has bigger problems than she could have ever imagined...

This page aims to highlight the work of authors that identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color who write romance books regularly featuring protagonists that are people of colour themselves. That being said, some of the books listed here can feature white or white-appearing couples.

We are aiming to include as many writers as possible. If you feel that an author you are expecting to see here is missing, please drop us a line with the name of the writer, the title of the book, and a link to their social media, blog, bio, an interview or anything publicly accessible in which a BIPOC identity is mentioned.

We want to get this right, so if you find fault with the process of selecting, adding, and highlighting BIPOC voices on romance.io, please let us know as well via email.

Thank you!