OwnVoices: New romance books by LGBTQIA+ authors

Last updated: April 22, 2024

Love stories by queer, trans & non-binary authors. Featuring new releases by A.J. Truman, Georgia Beers, Jay Bell among others.

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  • The Fireman and the Flirt by A.J. Truman

    The Fireman and the Flirt by A.J. Truman

    Is it in bad taste to sleep with a client? Asking for a friend…In high school, Derek ruled the school with his fellow hockey players, while I fantasized from afar. He only knew me as his little brother’s shy friend who, thanks to one vicious rumor from a former flame, had garnered a reputation as the school freak...
  • Aubrey McFadden is Never Getting Married by Georgia Beers

    Aubrey McFadden is Never Getting Married by Georgia Beers

    All of Aubrey McFadden’s college friends are tying the knot, and she’s been invited to five weddings. Five. In one year. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate so much love and romance?Aubrey, that’s who.She’s going anyway, of course. It’s not her friends’ fault her college boyfriend left Aubrey on the day of their wedding. Lies, selfishness, unhappy surprises…no, thank you...
  • When Ben Loved Tim by Jay Bell

    When Ben Loved Tim by Jay Bell

    I never thought I’d find love. I spent all of high school watching others pair up, my little gay heart slowly withering in despair… until the fateful summer night that I met Tim. His meaty muscles and smoldering silver eyes already haunt my dreams. And I know for a fact that he’s lonely like me...

This page aims to highlight the work of authors across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum who write romance books regularly featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, non-binary, intersex, agender, or ace main characters.

We have compiled the list of authors appearing here based on the books they write and whether the writers themselves identify as LGBTQIA+. That being said, some of the books listed here can feature pairings that appear to be cis-hetero.

We are aiming to include as many writers as possible. However, we are neither interested in speculating about sexual preferences and identities nor would we want to unintentionally out anyone. If you feel that an author you are expecting to see here is missing, please drop us a line with the name of the writer, the title of the book, and - this is really important - a link to their social media, blog, bio, an interview or anything publicly accessible in which they disclose an LGBTQIA+ identity.

We want to get this right, so if you find fault with the process of selecting, adding, and highlighting queer voices on romance.io, please let us know as well via email.

Thank you!