OwnVoices: New romance books by LGBTQIA+ authors

Last updated: July 4, 2022

Love stories by queer, trans & non-binary authors. Featuring new releases by Tal Bauer, Cat Sebastian, Anna Zabo, Elle Spencer, Avril Ashton, N.G. Peltier, Rachel Spangler, Chelsea M. Cameron, Andrew Grey, Andrew Grey among others.

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  • Secret Service: A M|M Romance by Tal Bauer

    Secret Service: A M|M Romance by Tal Bauer

    A passionate, thrilling, and addictive standalone MM romance.President Brennan Walker captivated me from the moment I walked into his Oval Office.He’s a mystery I’m determined to unlock. I don't know what's hiding inside Brennan's gaze when he looks my way, or why black lightning keeps crashing between us. He’s a storm at midnight, a dark moon rising, trouble on the horizon...
  • The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes by Cat Sebastian

    The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes by Cat Sebastian

    Cat Sebastian returns to Georgian London with a stunning tale of a reluctant criminal and the thief who cannot help but love her.Marian Hayes, the Duchess of Clare, just shot her husband. Of course, the evil, murderous man deserved what was coming to him, but now she must flee to the countryside...
  • Rookie Mistake by Anna Zabo

    Rookie Mistake by Anna Zabo

    Rookie forward Isaac Rivera is still finding his footing in the big leagues where he’s no longer the best player on the roster. It’s a whole new world, especially now that several of his hockey idols have become teammates. Friends, even.There’s one who’s more than a hockey idol, though… and he might end up being more than a friend. Julien Landry is a powerhouse on the ice...
  • Private Equity by Elle Spencer

    Private Equity by Elle Spencer

    Can falling in love melt the hearts of the iciest ice queens? Cassidy Bennett spends an unexpected evening at a lesbian nightclub with her notoriously reserved and demanding boss, successful venture capitalist Julia Whitmore. After seeing a different side of Julia, Cassidy can’t seem to shake her desire to know more...
  • The Final Sin by Avril Ashton

    The Final Sin by Avril Ashton

    A missing daughter. A faceless enemy. More questions than answers.Syren and Kane Rua-Ashby have been here before. Now, like then, they’ll use every means at their disposal to bring their daughter back home. But not before uncomfortable truths are exposed, secrets are uncovered, and they’re forced into a reckoning that could change the dynamics of their family...
  • Don't Go Baking My Heart by N.G. Peltier

    Don't Go Baking My Heart by N.G. Peltier

    Devon King has a plan. An actual with bullet points and everything plan for his life. When he’s called out at work for never participating in any of the office activities he feels compelled to take part in the upcoming office bake off competition to prove he’s a team player, as making partner at his architectural design firm is top on his list of career goals...
  • Heartstrings by Rachel Spangler

    Heartstrings by Rachel Spangler

    Mira Collins has her life together. She’s built a solid career as a financial planner, a comfortable home, and an uncomplicated and regimented routine…until her wayward sister, Vannah, shows up unexpectedly and drops a bomb on her orderly world...
  • Just One Look by Chelsea M. Cameron

    Just One Look by Chelsea M. Cameron

    Kendra Day is shocked to learn that not only has her dearly departed grandmother left her a pile of money, she’s also left her a run-down cottage in Castleton, Maine. Kendra never planned on living in Maine, but she's sick of her dead-end job and decides it’s time for a new adventure...
  • Fire and Sand   by Andrew Grey

    Fire and Sand by Andrew Grey

    Can a single dad with a criminal past find love with the cop who pulled him over?When single dad Quinton Jackson gets stopped for speeding, he thinks he’s lost both his freedom and his infant son, who’s in the car he’s been chasing down the highway. Amazingly, State Trooper Wyatt Nelson not only believes him, he radios for help and reunites Quinton with baby Callum...
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  • This Time For Always by Andrew Grey

    This Time For Always by Andrew Grey

    Police officer Finnigan Pettaprin’s life is his job. He’s driven to be the best, always. Past relationships have largely been heartbreaking, so he keeps to himself. The last thing he expects is for a near-disastrous car chase through town to bring him in contact with Mark, the one who got away.Mark Wallace hasn’t had the best luck in life...
  • Champion of Dusk & Dawn by Megan Derr

    Champion of Dusk & Dawn by Megan Derr

    Immediately after winning his spurs, Leonine is sent on a quest: track down the person or persons who assassinated the late king, and bring them back—dead or alive. Still exhausted from helping his former master win a vital championship, and reeling from being discarded by his lovers, all Leonine wants is a chance to catch his breath...
  • Champion of Fire & Ice by Megan Derr

    Champion of Fire & Ice by Megan Derr

    Two years ago, while he was away on a diplomatic mission, Davrin's best friend was murdered in cold blood. Finally home, with the mourning period ended, Davrin is determined to have justice—but as a noble, the law forbids him from fighting Lord Tekker directly. Instead, he must have a champion to face off against Tekker's champion...
  • Dead Letters From Paradise by Ann McMan

    Dead Letters From Paradise by Ann McMan

    April 1960.Gunsmoke is the most popular show on TV. Elvis Presley tops the Billboard charts. A charismatic young senator named John F. Kennedy is running for president. And, in North Carolina, four young Black men sit down at a Woolworth’s lunch counter and demand service. Enter Esther Jane (EJ) Cloud, a forty-something spinster who manages the Dead Letter Office at the Winston-Salem post office...
  • Friends That Break by G.L. Tomas

    Friends That Break by G.L. Tomas

    Teddy should be happy. She survived an eleven-year battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, finished her B.A., and found the person of her dreams in a friend. From a distance she has everything, except the one thing she can’t have. 
 Asher’s supported Teddy from the moment they met, but even he can’t ease her insecurity about her inability to conceive...
  • Heckin' Lewd: Trans and Nonbinary Erotica by Chace Verity

    Heckin' Lewd: Trans and Nonbinary Erotica by Chace Verity

    If you've been searching for smutty, fearless, gender diverse erotica written by affirming own-voices folks who get it, then this is the book you’ve been looking for! Packed with explicit erotic stories from trans and nonbinary gender diverse writers, Heckin’ Lewd celebrates sexual nonconformity, queerness, nontraditional relationship structures, and unrestrained lust, pleasure, and kink...
  • Icarus and Apollo by Jay Bell

    Icarus and Apollo by Jay Bell

    For his entire life, Icarus has been told that he’s destined for greatness, although he would settle for finding a lover that held his interest. Only when he learns of his special connection to the sun god Apollo does Icarus set his sights on the heavens. Infatuated, he does everything in his power to attract the handsome deity’s attention...

This page aims to highlight the work of authors across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum who write romance books regularly featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, non-binary, intersex, agender, or ace main characters.

We have compiled the list of authors appearing here based on the books they write and whether the writers themselves identify as LGBTQIA+. That being said, some of the books listed here can feature pairings that appear to be cis-hetero.

We are aiming to include as many writers as possible. However, we are neither interested in speculating about sexual preferences and identities nor would we want to unintentionally out anyone. If you feel that an author you are expecting to see here is missing, please drop us a line with the name of the writer, the title of the book, and - this is really important - a link to their social media, blog, bio, an interview or anything publicly accessible in which they disclose an LGBTQIA+ identity.

We want to get this right, so if you find fault with the process of selecting, adding, and highlighting queer voices on romance.io, please let us know as well via email.

Thank you!