Review Policy accepts books for reviews in the romance genre only. We accept advance reading copies and review copies from large publishers, indie publishers, eBook publishers, and from requesting authors. Please submit your book for review via email. We also use NetGalley for e-ARCs.

Please understand that we cannot review every book we receive, and that we cannot accept every review request. We will definitely consider all suggestions, however we regret that we are not able to respond to all email enquiries. If you don’t hear from us in a timely manner please assume we are not able to review your book.

Our review style and length is dependent on the reviewer, and the review will be an honest reflection of their opinion. It will usually contain a brief summary of the plot as well as thoughts on the book in general. Our rating system goes from 1 Star (bad) to 5 Stars (fantastic). We don't accept any money for book reviews, neither can / do we want to quarantee a positive review.

Please get in touch via email.