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Omg Emotional Roller Coaster

At first I totally understood where Sass was coming from, with wanting to get away from her old life, but from the very beginning, I didn’t like Nick, and not because he was a fancy ass “pretty boy”, but because of the way he spoke to Sass. All in all this book is more about Sass trying to deal with her insecurities, running away from her problems, and figuring out who she is, while being in a—uh...”relationship” with a pretty boy asshole.
I actually really liked seeing Sass and Tank develop away from one another, doing their own thing, but somehow always connected, and in the end, them coming together. Not to mention this book deals with emotional manipulation, emotional abuse, watching for the signs, and just because someone seems “normal” doesn’t mean they are a good person.
The only part I have a complaint about is kind of a SPOILER so if you want to know what my problem with this book was, follow the dots down.
There is rape in this book. It happens to Sass, and while she doesn’t call it rape and basically forgets all about it after words, chalking it up to her being sick and blabla, when you read/listen to it, Nick raped her, and I Hate that that wasn’t correctly addressed. So if you have a problem with the big R or any kind of emotional manipulation, do not read this book.***

Well that’s my review, really liked the book and was happy that there really wasn’t a lot of sex. lol

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