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Review: Bad Boy Brody
Seemingly over night Brody Asher went from Hollywoods Golden Boy to ultimate Bad boy after he loses his brother in a tragic car accident. To reel him back in line, his manager cast him into a new leading role - away from Hollywood in the middle of Montana. Based on on a true story, the movie 'Unbroke' is based on the murder of Karen Kellerman's mother. Morgan was ten years old when things fell apart in one horrible day and everyone she loved just disappeared. As a result Morgan closed herself off and lived amongst a herd of wild mustangs in the mountains.

Bad Boy Brody was fantastic from beginning to end. Morgan was my super hero. Not only for her strong, unique and resilient personality, but also for the way she connected to Brody. They knew each other in a profound and intense way – that was heartwarming and touching. Brody, the bad boy, was a real delight. Such a dreamboat yet unbelievably real! I loved his dedication, his loyalty but most of all his acceptance to embrace the fact that Morgan isn't like any other woman...that she is thoroughly unique and beautiful in her own way. Bad Boy Brody was sweet, romantic, enchanting, and just a story that needs to be read.

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