Girl Gone Viral by Alisha Rai

Published: 07 Jun 2020
We are delighted to feature Girl Gone Viral by Alisha Rai as weekly top pick.
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Girl Gone Viral by Alisha Rai

1 sentence summary: Reclusive heroine needs to go into hiding after going viral, luckily her bodyguard doesn't mind being close to her - at all.

Hero: Kiss, Marry or Kill? Marry! Jas is every MIL's dream, and of course their daughter's too. Initially coming across as cool as a cucumber, he is as sweet and delicious as the peaches from the farm he grew up on. Entirely lovely and quietly calm, the hero is protective without ever crossing over to domineering.

Heroine: World peace bringer or hell raiser? Puppy rescuer or needs rescuing? Katrina would bring about world peace from behind the scenes. A quiet force to be reckoned with, smart as hell and probably one of the nicest heroines I have come across in a while.

The story: Love it or leave it? Girl Gone Viral is an entirely charming book, the author is both clever and very very funny which makes for a great combination. I think I fell in love with the book on page 2: 'Andy swiped confidently, with the kind of ease only a happily coupled-off person could display, when swiping was a novelty and not a way of life'.
What impressed me most is Alisha Rai's ability to work with romance book tropes without surrendering to them: a protective bodyguard who trusts his charge's common sense, a villain that is handled in a surprising way I do not want to spoil here. I could give more examples, but would rather urge you to read the book yourself!!

Happy with the ending? Yep, considering that not too much really happened it flowed exceedingly well.

Who should read this? Fans of a slow burn romance, who like a nice hero, strong female friendships and could really use a long warm hug right about now.

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