Alpha Night by Nalini Singh

Published: 18 Jun 2020
We are delighted to feature Alpha Night by Nalini Singh as weekly top pick.
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Alpha Night by Nalini Singh

1 sentence summary: Dangerous and not quite stable Telekinetic with a traumatic past falls in love with a very capable wolfshifter alpha pack leader and decides to be the Knight to her Queen.

Hero: Kiss, Marry or Kill? Marry, for sure. Every woman should have such a devoted partner who has no problem playing sometimes the supportive role, despite his own considerable talents. Swoon!

Heroine: World peace bringer or hell raiser? Puppy rescuer or needs rescuing? As the indubitable leader of a pack of werewolves with a perchant to getting drunk with were-bears, Selenka could probably achieve whatever she wanted. However, being fiercely loyal and committed to her pack, for sure she would choose to rescue that puppy. After all, protecting canines is her calling.

The plot: Love it or leave it? Another instalment in the long running Psy/Changeling series, the latest book drives the overarching narrative forward without ever straying away from its main plot: The beautiful love story between Ethan and Selenka.

Happy with the ending? After some suspense and violence our couple gets the ending they deserve. Alpha Knight is a bit of a love story in reverse - what starts out as tension-filled steamy insta-lust fated mates tale gets progressively sweeter and ever more tender, down to its adorable ending.

Who should read this? Everyone who likes paranormal romances with a strong focus on consent, mutual respect and two main characters that are utterly devoted from the start. But really, everyone should just read it.

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