Pursued by the Devil by Carole Mortimer

by Kristen T · 15 Sep 2015
Pursued by the Devil by Carole Mortimer
So, petals, here’s the deal. Everyone has their turn-off tropes, right? Some people cannot deal with friends-to-lovers, thinking it too contrite. Others shut the book the minute a delightful moppet shows up to make the two main characters (one of which is always that moppet’s parent/guardian/neighbor/teacher) fall in love. One of mine is an asshole billionaire who sees the woman as a body before he sees her as a woman. Just gets my goat. I’m all for people having consensual, meaningless sex – as long as it’s a mutual using society and not one-sided. Erotica was, after all, essentially made for that trope.

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This book doesn’t fully lean into the curve, but it leans close enough that I couldn’t fully enjoy it. I get that this works for loads and loads of people, so let me recommend this for the following people:

Anyone who likes billionaire books, anyone who likes books where the heroine is worn down to consent entirely by the sexual magnetism of the hero, anyone who likes books about Russians who were maybe in the mafia maybe not, anyone who is more into sex than plot, anyone who gets off on tattoos, anyone who wants to learn potential new sex positions that may or may not be anatomically possible, anyone who likes books where multiple men vie for the attention of the heroine.

If you like those tropes, this one is a 4.5/5 for you. It’s beyond hot, full of wonderfully written and descriptive scenes. Mikhail and Lindsay defy the laws of physics with their orgasms on several occasions and do not engage in sexual activity until that consent is explicitly given. Anyone who has read my reviews before knows that’s an absolute necessity for me. Consent and respect should be at the fucking core of every relationship and I expect it in my novels as well.

The thing with these two – for me – is that he violates her personal space twice without her consent and seems to think he knows what is best for her. Linsday tells him to get out of her office and leave her alone, he shows up in the parking garage later that night to tell her they will be having sex. She’s exasperated and annoyed, but a few pages later, overwhelmed by the sexual power of his then-revealed tattoo, she consents to a mutli-day orgasm fest.

There’s a whole thing with a guy potentially stalking her – using creepy as shit black roses, no less – and then a whole thing where she’s a lawyer and there’s a professional conflict of interest. Neither of which stands in the way of the bonkfest but that first may be a minor trigger warning for some. Lindsay is always physically safe – thanks, tattooed Russian giant! – so she never comes to physical harm and Mikhail solves the issue and ends it quickly. Like many of the rest of the plot details in this novella, it’s secondary to the sex so it shouldn’t cause too much concern.

Again – and I cannot stress this enough – this is a good book if these are your buttons. You can’t fault Mortimer’s writing and the character development is spot on for an erotic novella. If you’re looking for mental vibrator candy, you may well find it here – there’s certainly enough material to tickle someone’s fancy. Seriously good work here. Just… good for some, not for me.

In a way, though, this is one of the things I love about romancelandia. Even if I don’t love how the girl gets her mate and her orgasms, the focus is still on her doing that. Even if I don’t love this for me, I know so many others who will and I champion that and celebrate. I wish people wrote more beta males because I find nothing sexier than a man saying “I know you got this, but I got your back anyway” but that’s my box! Your box could be “I am sure you could do this, but I’m going to anyway because that’s how I work”. Rock the hell on!

I know that one of my problems as well is that I am rarely in the mood for a novella – I want character development and that is simply not Mortimer’s fault. If I was an erotic novella reader, it’s possible I would have eaten this with a big spoon. If you are one, please give this a go – I think you’ll love it. Recommended for fans of alpha male sex fiends and the ladies they love.

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