Mine (Club Sin #7) by Stacey Kennedy

by Kristen D · 06 Nov 2015
Mine (Club Sin #7) by Stacey Kennedy
I have started this review about seven times and am still unsure how to start this. So let me do this:

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Do you like D/s stories? What about BDSM clubs? Novellas? The Club Sin series? If you said yes to any of these, then read on. If you aren’t a huge fan of D/s, BDSM clubs, prefer full length novels and have never read anything about Club Sin, then click away because this book is not for you.

Dmitri (dom) and Pressley (sub) have been together for a few years and Dmitri tells us she’s his best sub ever. Pressley found BDSM life after being cheated on by her fiance and hasn’t looked back since. She’s a dental hygienist by practice, but at one point in the story, we’re told she’s cut back her hours and has begun to financially live off of Dmitiri since pleasing him brings her more joy than cleaning teeth.

In terms of D/s stories, I think this is a decent one. The guy seems like a touch on the douche side, but he also clearly devotes himself to his submissive, so that’s a win. It’s hampered for me by the novella format (my digital file has this clock in at 103 pages where most full­lengths hit around 275) because the relationship outside of the sex scenes seemed ridiculous. Additionally, I believe my enjoyment was hampered by being new to this series. I have a feeling that Club Sin reads like an 8­part novel, of which this is the last. So, reading this would be like watching the last 20 minutes of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and thinking, what is that dude doing in a train station? What is happening? Nice speech, beardy dude, but what’s the deal with the guy with no nose? You get my point.

So, from what I could ascertain about the relationships, this is a well written BDSM club series. She opens the door for her new series and closes this one well. The characters are intertwined and the relationships seemed realized.

The sex scenes, which is what we’re really all here for, are fabulous. For me, since I couldn’t give a toss about the characters since I haven’t read the series, I needed more sex and less angst. So much angst in this one and not nearly enough orgasms proportionately to page numbers. Good use of BDSM club accoutrements, though, including toys and furniture and descriptions of play scenes and rules. Boundaries and membership and safety are, of course, clutch to the operations of those clubs and the book depicts those well.

Committed D/s relationships are a tricky thing to write about, I feel. They’re so personal and so distinct to each couple that to try to write it down in a way that doesn’t seem hokey or even abusive to people on the outside can be a challenge. And one I’m not sure this book fully overcomes. I kept raising my eyebrows and saying “really? REALLY? You literally cannot function without him for a week? Catch yourself on, woman, deep breaths, take a bubble bath and grab your vibrator.” That, to me, is not romance or relationship, it’s codependence and it stresses me out to read about. However, I always use this caveat with series I’m coming late to: the groundwork was probably done long before I showed up and so I want to give that the benefit of the doubt.

Overall, like I said above, if this ticks your boxes I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s not one to start the subgenre on, but it’s enjoyable for those acquainted already.

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