Resolution (Swept Away #3) by J.S. Cooper

by Kristen D · 16 Dec 2015
Resolution (Swept Away #3) by J.S. Cooper
Y’all. This book is bat. poop. crazy.
Do you feel me? Bat. Poop. Crazy.

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I’m not going to bother with any level of summary because, to be frank, it would be impossible. Summaries for books like the Swept Away series are about as helpful as trying to nail jell­o to a tree. However, with that being said, you have to start this series from the beginning. There is no jumping in mid­stream here and I say that from authority because I did. Made it 45 pages and then had to stop and find the other books first.

I hate not knowing what’s going on and I wish that series that are this tied together would put a big stop sign on the front page, telling us readers that this will not make sense without the previous bits. I know I bang on about this in so many reviews, but in my mind it is a pandemic. If I cannot understand what is happening and you don’t want to include a summary at the beginning which can be easily skipped over by those in the know, then I’m frustrated.

The thing with this book is that the pieces I could understand were so freaking intriguing that I went, got the other books, read those in one sitting and then launched into this one. Once I did that, I can absolutely say this thing is worth your time. The whole series, just launch yourself into it.

Are you into romantic suspense? Then get this. Are you into books with layers upon layers? Then get this. Are you into books with BDSM­style sex, graphically written frequently? Then definitely get this.

Few notes about folks who should not get this, because this thing is peppered with trigger warnings. If abductions aren’t your jam, even ones that end up okay, skip this. If you can’t track with people falling in love with their captors, then skip this. If you prefer your sex to come with equal power between both partners, then skip this. This smacks a bit of New Adult style power disproportions and I know some folks will twig to that.

I had to turn off a few of my filters for this one, not gonna lie. I found myself saying “okay, right, that’s not even close to real” and choosing not to care. There are other phases of my life where this book would have really freaking bothered me, but for whatever reason it worked right now.

There’s a lot of layers to this story, as I said above, and it’s a mutli­generational system of betrayals and secrets and lies. There’s secret same­sex relationships, secret love triangles, and more and all of it is down to the pursuit of power and money. In essence, this book is a soap opera or telenovella played out in written form rather than visual. It’s all there ­ the shocking reveals, the completely insane villans and plots. Even, to be honest, the two­dimensional characters. It was like reading The Passions of Santos from Jane the Virgin and I mean that as a complement. I think this book is exactly what it says on the tin and there is a craft to that.

(If the author was going for gravitas and serious suspense writing, then the boat was missed on that completely, but I don’t think that was the plan here.)

Winter is coming and is already here, which I feel means the season for binge reading is upon us. If you’re looking for a series to pass the time during a snowstorm or just a gross day where leaving the house seems like the literal worst idea ever, you could do a lot worse than Swept Away.

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