Wicked Lust (The Wicked Horse #2) by Sawyer Bennett

by Tanya · 05 Jan 2016
Wicked Lust (The Wicked Horse #2) by Sawyer Bennett
Wicked Lust. The title says it all, no matter which way you read into it. The Lust is wicked - as in wickedly awesome, and the Wickedness of the lust will make you squirm and pant because it is most definitely on this side of racy. Stainless steel butt plug anyone?

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This book had absolutely no need of a plotline. Why, you ask? It’s because the sex is the star of this novel. That’s right - the sex is that good and that satisfying and so bloody well scripted that no other literary device is necessary to enjoy this novel. And that, dear readers, is all you need to know about this book.

This concludes my review of Wicked Lust by Sawyer Bennett.

I wish I could stop at just those boldfaced, graphic sentiments, because the book really is that good (!) and Sawyer Bennett is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. Granted, her tastes in what constitutes arousing sex lean towards the more kinky and edgy side, but hey - no matter your inclinations, she does a damn fine job of illustrating how sexual interaction and play forms a good chunk of our human nature and is what makes us happy campers. This book highlights how the inclusion or exclusion of deeply satisfying sex in our lives can make or break our existance.

Wicked Lust is the second of a series of books centering on The Silo, a members only sex club within the larger compound of a Country Western Bar. Members pay a $50,000 a year retainer and sign non-disclosure agreements before partaking of consensual fantasies of all kinds behind the secure walls (sometimes glass walls if voyeurism/exhibitionism is your thing) of the club.

The stories of the people that abound here are interesting, and each comes from a place of sincere understanding and acceptance that sexual inclinations are not “bad” or “perverse”. Personal taste in what floats your boat is just that - personal, with no judgements allowed, and mutual respect abounds for whatever it is that gets you off in the safety of the club.

Sawyer Bennett aims to teach her readers that sexual taste and pleasure exists on a continuum. From straight fucking to deep love, sex runs the gamut of emotions and experiences. It can be a pastime of sorts - a pleasure-focused activity that can be enjoyed with friends and/or mutually minded folk. Or it can be a heady joining of the souls with sensitive emotions at play within the physical expression of love. Ms. Bennett wants you to understand and accept that sex doesn’t necessarily have to be with someone you love to be deeply enjoyed. I know this goes against the whole “romance-book genre”, but the reality of the world is that sometimes a fuck is just a fuck.

Ms. Bennett does, however, show us that good fucking, when combined with heartfelt emotions and feelings, can turn a sensational fuck into an out of body experience. The heart of Wicked Lust is devoted to just that, and the story she focuses on, is the journey of a long-time casual sex lover finding love with a newbie to his world of dildos, public sex and other non-mainstream kink.

The male protagonist is a specimen of fine physical proportions. Cain Bonham is the six foot three head of security at The Silo and he never fucks while he’s on duty. He also happens to be a complementary member of said sex club and makes good use of his down-time there. One week he notices a hot, petite and curvy blonde named Sloane Preston who keeps warming the barstools of the Outer Bar trying to catch his attention. What she doesn’t know is that she had his attention from the first night he saw her. And so, it’s on...

There is the expected chemistry of the boy-loves-girl, girl-loves-boy vibe, then a predictable misunderstanding/conflict, followed by a quick separation, mutual misery and then the glorious reunification - like any standard romance. But what sets this novel apart is the scorching heat of the sex along the way. The exploratory, trusting nature of the relationship between Cain and the much less experienced Sloane will have you blushing. Sloane is who the reader will most likely identify with, as she is taken on her journey with experimenting and experiencing sensations and pleasures unknown to her by the confident and smitten Cain.

The love that develops between these two is strong and real. How they manage to work The Silo into their relationship is interesting to behold. Sloane’s secret fantasy is played out (with Cain participating) and she discovers all kinds of things about herself during the experience, as does the more deeply surprised Cain. This is what sex does to people. Until you have tried something, you can’t really know if the fantasy you had should stay a fantasy or if it will be something you enjoy. The answers Cain and Sloan find are equally surprising to the both of them.

If Wicked Lust is your first foray into a world beyond cuddles and missionary sex, you will be surprised and maybe a momentarily put-off by some of the interactions and blurred lines of multiple-participant interactions. But if you can approach this book with an open mind, keeping aware that everyone is an adult who chooses to be present and participate, and who actually enjoy what they are doing, this book will open your horizons and perhaps stretch your curiosity in ways that will be new to you.

Overall, this book rates a 4.5 out of five, and only because of the plot line, which I know editors and publishers like authors to include, even though it really wasn’t necessary, as this book didn’t need anything formulaic to have happen in order for it to be a homerun. The sex, as I’ve mentioned many times before, is really fresh, arousing and well described from both characters points of view. Secondary characters are also introduced and fleshed out enough to make you want to explore their stories, and a nice teaser to the next book in the series is contained at the end.

The only insider information I will give you is to hang on through the introduction. For those of you who are typically ‘vanilla’ in your experiences/tastes, the opening scene will add a few candy coloured-sprinkles to your palate. It might even leave you gasping and finding yourself all red and aroused - but only if you like that kind of thing...and you’ll never know until you try ;)

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