Fighting Dirty (Ultimate #4) by Lori Foster

by Kristen D · 03 Mar 2016
Fighting Dirty (Ultimate #4) by Lori Foster
There is a lot happening in this book. We’ve got a serious case of two folks who have been in love with each other for, like, forever but haven’t done anything about it. We have a stalker, maybe, and someone trying to harm someone, definitely. There’s family ties to worry about and a few careers on the line. Oh, and those two folks in the first bit have to get over themselves and find their happily ever afters all in a tight few hundred pages.

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With all that at stake, Fighting Dirty has a lot to do and I’m not 100% sure it does all of it successfully. I did a whole lot of talking to the characters in this one, things like “no, do not do that, that is a bad idea” or “hold on, someone is trying to possibly kill you, priorities?” My husband will tell you I actually talk to many characters, not just those in books, and I am particularly known for trying to offer therapy to contestants on The Bachelor from the comfort of my couch, so the talking to the book was not new. It was just that I felt… like they didn’t really know what was happening in their own lives.

I should probably offer a summary here, but I’m going to struggle because suspense does not lend itself to summaries! This, for fans of Foster’s other books, is Armie and Merissa’s story. Armie is a fighter and Merissa is the woman he has been in love with since God was a boy, but thinks it’s only lust and so won’t commit because she’s too good for him. Merissa is also the sister of one of his truest buddies, so that complicates matters. Merissa has, for the record, been in love with Armie for a while but has patiently dealt with his rebuffs. But, at the beginning of this book, she is patient no more! She has a plan for getting on with her life and … it’s not really her fault that it backfires.

I have a person policy against writing about plot lines in suspense books as I never know what the line is for each reader as to what they want to know versus what they don’t and I do not want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment. So as far as recommending the book is concerned, what I think you need to know is this: do you enjoy books with taciturn men and sassy women? Are you averse to stories with a lot of balls in the air? Do you like MMA books? If you said yes, no, and yes to the above then I really would give Fighting Dirty a chance.

I just never connected with Merissa or Armie. I am usually a huge fan of unrequited love, but this was a shade different. It wasn’t unrequited, it was denied. Armie has some legitimate reasons to be afraid of his past and a commitment, etc, but still. I just wanted to shake him most of the time. And while I know there are so many readers that adore that kind of tension, it just didn’t tick my boxes this time.

Recommended for fans of MMA, tough dudes with checkered pasts and hearts of gold, and tribes of friends who count as family.

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