Going Down Easy (Billionaire Bad Boys #1) by Carly Phillips

by Kristen D · 01 Aug 2016
Going Down Easy (Billionaire Bad Boys #1) by Carly Phillips
You know how some books are good for some times in life and not others? There are moments where you would really enjoy, say, a graphic novel about a purple superhero who saves ants from people, and other times you’re more in the mood for the most recent Booker prize winner. Some books are summer books, some are winter books, some are books for times when you want to turn off your critical brain and just read about sex, some are books for times when you want to engage.

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Going Down Easy is a book, perhaps, for a time when one just wants to read about sexy people doing sexy things. Unfortunately for both me and this book, I was not really in a place where I could just enjoy what was in front of me. I got squidgy about a few of the plot lines, and never really connected with either of the main characters. I’ve been a fan of other books by this author, so it could just be a classic case of “not for me” and certainly not right now.

The plot is thus: Kaden Barnes is a billionaire hero who chews through assistants like dogs with bones. Lexie Parker is the latest attempt, hired by his business partners and over his head. Lexie, for her character, is kind of a perfect assistant for him. Organized and unflappable, Lexie is used to taking care of her sister, who lives with mental illness, so any tantrums Kaden throws her way are minor.

The two have immediate chemistry; some of Kaden’s first PoV comments about Lexie regard her body and how his body reacts to hers. Lexie is attracted to her boss as well, but has some sense of boundaries and is afraid for her job after their first kiss.

This point, about 10% of the way through if memory serves, is when I was pretty pulled out of the book. I was willing to go forward, thinking of my intro, that I just wasn’t really in the mood for a power imbalance romance.

But then, I found out that one of the main plot points was about Kaden being (falsely) accused of date rape. And y’all, that was it.

I recognize that false accusations of sexual assault are a thing that happens. I know that there are people who pose as victims for their own twisted reasons, and I know that lives are ruined because of those accusations. That innocent lives are collateral damage in this conversation is a thing that grieves me deeply. However, the reality is that it is far more likely for an accusation to be accurate and either go unreported or unprosecuted. It is far more strongly a reality that the victim is scarred for life because of the actions of the attacker. For this statistical anomaly to be a plot device was not my favorite. Sexual assault prevention is a matter I take seriously and hold dear, and am actively involved in working on a project regarding, and so for me, this took me right out of the book.

I know that there are readers for whom this will not bother in the way it did me. For them, I hope they enjoy this book for what it is; a sexy boss/employee romp sure to sizzle anyone’s poolside experience this summer. It’s just simply not for me.

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